Qigong Heals Liang's Serious Thyroid Gland Disease

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Can Qigong really cure diseases? A lot of people have some degree of doubt. But from my personal experience I have been convinced by Qigong’s miraculous healing power (left picture, before practiced Qinway Qigong; right, after).

For more than ten years, I have suffered from endocrinopathy, obesity, hypertension, insomnia, and especially thyroid gland disease that make my eyes bulge out and swelling. I am only a mid-aged woman, but look like an old lady, sluggish and listless. I have gone to many Western and Chinese therapies but without any relief of my symptoms. Finally I tried vegetarian diet, exercises, and dance to improve my conditions, but was not successful either.

In June 1999, I was fortunate to be introduced to Qigong Master Qinyin, founder of Qinway Qigong, and her Energized Fasting Qigong Retreat. At the beginning, I was wondering whether I can do the Qigong fasting and how many days I can persist. The friend who introduced me to Qinyin attended the Qigong Retreat, after the six-day Qigong fasting, most of her diseases were healed and she became stronger and looked younger. Witnessing her example, I was determined that if she could do it, then I could do it too.

During the first day of Qigong retreat, I felt no hunger but a lot of energy. I practiced Qigong under Master Qinyin’s guidance and soon experienced detoxification effects. Long-accumulated stools and toxins were expelled from my body and I felt lighter and comfortable.

The next morning, I noticed that my eyes were not as swollen as before. That gave me a cheerful surprise and greater motivation of practicing Qinway Qigong. I felt that there was a huge energy field around the Qigong Master. During the Qigong retreat, Master Qinyin transmitted energy signals to our bodies to stimulate our internal self-healing system. I felt vigorous and lost several pounds. Most importantly, the swelling of my eyes started to subside and the shape of my face returned to normal. All these wonderful changes during the three days of Qigong retreat were hard to believe, I was more confident that I could persist in fasting and doing Qigong exercises until my illnesses was fully cured.

Under the continued guidance of Master Qinyin, I finally completed a 49-day Qigong fasting therapy. During these 49 days, I didn’t eat anything, drove to work every day, and cooked dinner for my family. It was unbelievable. Of course, without Qigong Master Qinyin giving me Qi (high energy), I wouldn’t have completed this therapy. After that, I extended the therapy for another 24 days with half fasting (eating just fresh vegetables and fruits). Now I am energetic, physically strong, and mentally alert. What is more, my past conditions of hypertension, obesity, and insomnia have all been cured. The medical examination report also shows that my thyroid gland disease has fully recovered. My family has turned their worries, from at the beginning of the Qigong fasting therapy, to happiness at the end. During the 70 plus days, I practiced Qigong every day. After the Qigong exercise, I felt warm and comfortable all over my body. It reminds me of a common Qigong terminology: when real Qi flows in the body, all illnesses are removed. 

Through learning Qinway Qigong and fasting, I realized that life is in the control of my hands. I think if other people like me, whose diseases will not be cured by any medicines, will have the opportunity to learn Qinway Qigong, they will discover a new life. I deeply appreciate all the guidance, care, and love from Qigong Master Qinyin. Her therapy has helped me enjoy life again.


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