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Virtue Record Tablet

功 德 丰 碑

Virtue Energy Carries
Fundamental Healing Signal!

We are deeply grateful to the students and volunteers who have benefited from the Qinway three high being system. Your healthy recovery, spiritual growth, and great compassion and merit will surely enable more people to gain opportunities of saving life and sufferings, your great merits will not only allow you to obtain the huge energy reward, but also benefit your family and the next generation.


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Monthly Great Volunteers
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Grandmaster Qin (over 20 years)
April 2024
Long Term Virtue Support:
Charlie X. Vicky B. Shirley K. Lily L.
Divine Call & Holy Mission

For the rest of her life, Grandmaster will continue to make hard efforts that are unimaginable to the world, so as to transform this unique energy signal system from high dimension into a form that can be inherited from generation to generation and can help more people in need. This form will not rule out the high-dimensional "signal sequence", Store it in church or temple to run; She hopes that more outstanding talents will realize that joining this great good cause with boundless merit and virtue will get incredible merit and virtue energy reward; In order to obtain the necessary construction funds for software and hardware for this good cause, the students who deeply benefit from the energy of the high being system call for more people to pay attention to and support this unique and "very works" system, and look forward to the charitable foundation from individuals or social organizations to fund this healing and compassion temple to appear on this earth as soon as possible.

沁大师将用余生的时间,持续付出她那些令世人难以想象的艰苦努力,从而将这一个独一无二的、来自高纬度的能量信号体系,再次转化为可以世世代代传承下去的、可以帮助更多的需要帮助的人们的一种形式,这种形式将会不排除是将高维度的“信号序列”,储存在church or temple中去运行;她希望有更多的优秀人才能够意识到,加入到这个功德无量的伟大善业中来将是会得到难以置信的功德能量回馈的;为了让此项善业得到“软件”与硬件上的必要建设资金,深深受益于该高灵系统能量的学员们呼吁有更多的人关注与扶植这项独一无二又“very works"的体系,并期待有来自个人或社会团体的慈善基金资助这个healing与慈悲心共同显现的temple,尽早的能出现在这个地球上。

High Being System
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