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Free Workshop Energy Recharge Qigong Intermediate Healing Retreat 3.2D Furnace BiGu Retreat Certification II Program

Topics (selective):

Causes of Diseases (百疾本因)

6 Methods of Detoxification & Energy Infusion (六大排毒填元)

How to obtain complete healthy body and soul (怎样达到身心灵完整健康)

The best way for anti-aging and longevity (抗衰老与长寿的最佳途径)

How to break through stagnation cultivator lever (修炼人怎样突破停滞不前)

How to develop the wisdom for the children (青少年的健康发育开发智慧)

The best way to improve women's health (妇女的最佳保健途径)

Healthy Cooking (健康烹饪)

This easy-to-follow and highly effective one hour Qigong exercises can change your life from day one! It will help you connect with universal energy and protect your own energy, and especially to help you save a few years of practice to get basic energy!

This is a brand new program that is great for all people!

It has great power for healing many kinds of chronic diseases and is powerful for beautification!

We will provide more important and fundamental knowledge and supplemental information in the class.

In addition, Grandmaster will activate energy channels for the new students and renew them for the old students!

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Next Intermediate Retreats:

When: 9/9/2013 (12:30 - 4:30 pm)
Where: Northern CA

When: 9/13/2013 (12:30 - 4:30 pm)
Where: Northern CA

This 3.2D Retreat Combines 5 Retreats: Fundamental Healing Retreat, Special Abilities I & II, Certification I Retreat & 3.2D Furnace Retreat.

* Successfully open universal energy channels so that from day one, you will not feel hungry, while the "energy ball" gets stronger & stronger supporting your BIGU.

* Stay in a high-energy closed Qi field continuously for 72 hours (first part of retreat), which gives you an energy foundation that is often worth 10 years of diligent practice. During the second part of Retreat (BIGU homework), Grandmaster offers remote energy supports & directions for even more than 108 days.

* Activate and verify special abilities on the spot, such as seeing aura, palm diagnosis and healing, remote diagnosis, Invisible Needle, Soul Travel, communicating with trees, activating an “account” to receive spiritual energy balls from Ocean, sky, earth and mountains, and much more.

* Acquire strong personal magnetism in a high energy Qi furnace, and become a Certified Qigong Instructor.

* Achieve sudden understanding through a series of super programs, instant connection and verification. This wisdom can assist you greatly in healing and spiritual growth.

* Release fundamental toxins, including physical, emotional and “spiritual software” toxins to achieve the process of “changing yourself inside out” (bitter-sweet detoxification reactions) and eliminate potential hazards in body/mind/spirit.

Next 3.2D Furnace Retreat:

When: 4:30pm of 9/13
          - 4:30pm of 9/16/2013
Where: Mount Shasta, CA

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This Advanced Level II Certification (disciple) Program will only offer to qinway 3.2D Great students, who has great virtue as well. it will be Training You to Become a Great Spiritual Healing Professional; qualified students can send application first.

This program is only offered to 3.2D Retreat students who are willing to become Level II Instructors. Because this program involves teaching Bigu which is a very high technique involving a special mind attitude as the disciple learns from the Sifu, some specific required preconditions must be met.

Level II instructor training actually belongs to the high quality disciple program. It will be a long term training from Grandmaster and it is free as well.

Qinway Level II instructor program is offering the Bigu technique, which is rare and unique in this world. If it becomes successful, it will bring huge benefits to the instructors. Also it will benefit a lot of human beings in the world. This is a great virtue!

Grandmaster only accept a few QUALIFIED GREAT STUDENTS, if you are interested, please submit your application soon.

Where: The program designed individually and will discuss in person

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Enlightenment Holy Mission Student Window Upcoming Events 3.2D Retreat Whats New Partner Qigong Newsletters Link

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