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Attention: The package maybe different due to different time of packing.

Significant Benefits of Drinking Healing Tea

• Become more energetic with clear energy

• Balance acid and alkaline in the body

• Support good diet, promote sound sleep

• Achieve weight balance, beautify skin

• Reduce liver "fire", brighten eyes, become peaceful and calm

• Experience spiritual growth and more

Note: Following "Guide to Best Drinking Results" below is recommended to achieve above stable benefits.

Yin-Yang Balance

Everything in this world consists of two opposing parts with Yin and Yang properties.

Yin: Moon, kidney energy, soft, cool, water, feminine...
Yang: Sun, heart energy, hard, hot, fire, masculine...

The level of Yin-Yang balance indicates one's health condition. This Yin-Yang Healing Tea is infused with strong Yin-Yang balancing signals by Grandmaster Qinyin to help you achieve Yin-Yang balance.

Universal Energy Infusion

To help you connect with universal energy and protect their own energy, and especially to help you save a few years of practice to get basic energy, Master Qin collects universal energy and infuses it into different objects, such as Yin-Yang Healing Tea, Fundamental Healing Qigong DVD Kit, Energized Healing Food and Energized Objects, to let energy signals surround you through these vehicles. The use of Qinway Energized Products has spread by word of mouth, as they greatly accelerate the healing process.


(1) Special organic green tea with special materials from China
• use very famous dragon well tea
• only choose special time to pick, before the Ching Ming Festival, it is very limit amount and very expensive tea in china;
• add other famous organic flower or fruit seed tea

(2) Universal High Energy

(3) Yin-Yang Balancing Energy Signals

(4) Grandmaster Qin has energetically removed caffeine from this Tea. Great values with special energized by Grandmaster (1 Box Yin Tea & 1 Box Yang Tea).

Guide to Best Drinking Results

Time: Drink Yang tea before 1pm and Yin tea after 1pm in a ceramic cup. If conditions allow, you may mix half hot water with half cool water. Otherwise, place the tea bag in the room temperature drinking water. You may make a big batch to share with family members.

Quantity: It is highly recommended (or "required") that you drink at least 7 cup Yang Tea (8 ounce cup), and at least 8 cup Yin tea per day. Use 1 Yang tea bag (white color) and 1 Yin tea bag (brown color) per day. Or you may use 2-3 Yang and Yin tea bags respectively per day for enhanced taste and results. Please keep Yin-Yang Healing Tea refrigerated for freshness. For stable healing results, you are recommended to drink at least 36-72 days continuously.

Number: As numerology healing supported by the Qinway System, men (women) shall drink 7 (6 sips), and then pause for a moment. Repeat this process for 3 times, or any multiple of 3 times.

Diet: With the support of universal energy in Yin-Yang Healing Tea, you may feel less hungry and more energetic. For best results, you are strongly encouraged to improve your diet (relatively easy since you are supported by Yin-Yang Healing Tea!). Specifically,

So-so Results
Good Results
Excellent Results
No change in diet.

Reduce meat.
Reduce heavy or sticky food.
Reduce baked food (too much fire)
Reduce medication (side effects)
Use Tea to replace other drinks.
Drink for 36 days at least.

Avoid meat.
Avoid or very little heavy or sticky food.
Avoid or very little baked food.
Avoid or very little medication.
Use Tea to replace most drinks.
Reduce food amount if not hungry.
Drink for 72 days to two years.

Possible Detoxification Reactions

Whether a natural healing product is effective, an important standard is whether it can dissolve blockages and push toxins out of the body. As energy comes in and toxins goes out simultaneously, “true healing” happens. Yin-Yang Healing Tea infused with universal energy has exactly this detoxifying function. These detoxification reactions include colored or smelly urine, releasing tiredness, sleepiness, or pain etc. When “vital qi attacks diseased areas”, it is common that your symptoms may temporarily get worse before it improves. You shall be glad when toxins are released. Please do not worry.


Retail Price: $28/set, one Yin box and one Yang box in each set. Each upgraded Tea set includes one box of 12 Yin tea bags and one box of 12 Yang tea bags for 12 day supplies.

Professional Discount: If you have a retail store or client base, you may sell Yin-Yang Healing Tea on a consignment basis at a great discount. Please e-mail 930@qinway.org.

Return Policy: Being consumable, they are non-returnable.

*Special Note:

1. Due to different time the outer packaging is different, the package you receive maybe different.

Please read this web page for instruction, no detailed usage enclosed inside the tea box.

3. Because energized products are initiated with spiritual energy, all sales are final.


qigong healing tea

Yin/Yang Tea ($28 /set)

Full Filling with Yin Yang Energy Signal

Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Hear Great Healing Results

Candyce C.
Sent: July 17, 2017 3:22 PM
To: Qinway Spiritual Healing Institute
Subject: Re: Yin Yang Tea

Thank you, I think the brown tea bag might have healed my tooth and saved me from a $1200 root canal. I have severe pain on and off for 2 months, went to dentist and was told the nerve is dying and I have to have a root canal...Tylenol or Ibruprophen pills would not help the 9/10 pain., not even a little. I saw the tea bags from months ago that I never drank. I got the idea to put the tea bag on my tooth ....I did this for 2 days, as it would take the pain away to 0/10 temp. Now I no longer need to use the tea bag for pain control and am eating fine with no pain. I have cancelled my root canal apt and am starting back on the program to drink the tea and goal is to discipline myself to do the Qi Gong. I will start using the tea bag on my tooth again, keeping it in my mouth while I am at work, to ensure lasting healing. Amazing!

You can reword and make this into a testimony if you want, as there is no other explanation for the healing.
- Candyce C. (LA, CA)

After drinking Yin-Yang Tea for 10 days, my father (who had stroke for years) was able to get down to the first floor using elevator to get a newspaper. My mother had trouble sleeping for months. After she took two bags of the tea by master Qin, she slept so well and didn't even make a move while sleeping. I have been very excited in introducing this amazing Tea to more friends.
- C. Y. (Fresno, CA)

I was amazed by the feeling of drinking this Yin-Yang Healing Tea by Qigong Master Qinyin. Usually I get this kind of good feeling only after exercising for 1-2 hours.
- Barbara (Redwood City, CA)

I was given a cup of Yin-Yang Healing Tea when I accompanied my cousin to a Qigong healing session with Qigong Master Qinyin. After drinking just one cup of tea, my toothache was gone! Also, my two cats recovered quickly from a severe cold after drinking this amazing Tea. - Tammy (Fullerton, CA)

The Yin-Yang Healing Tea energized by Qigong Master Qinyin made me feel younger and more energetic.
- Bonnie, (Los Alto, CA)

Energized Yin Yang Healing Tea
Instruction (new version)

With the end of pandemic and arrival of fall and winter, the yang tea signal has been adjusted to new ingredient.

This set of Yin Yang healing tea has been infused with universal high-energy signals by Founder Grandmaster Qin. It is very effective for balancing your Yin Yang energy and fasting your healing process.

In one set, you will receive 1 bag of Yang tea and 1 bag of Yin tea for 12 days. Please store in the refrigerator.

We recommend to use a ceramic cup with lid.

Usage for energized Yang tea:

1. Start drinking Yang tea upon waking up.
2. Put in 5 pieces of new yang tea with 100 celsius degree water in a cup, cover with a lid, and soak for 10 minutes to drink the soup. Before going to bed that night, you can chew and spit out the residue.
3. Keep drinking it till 1 pm, add water as needed

Usage for energized Yin tea:

The new version of Yin tea especially has the healing signals for preventing Covid and reducing eyes and liver problems caused by excessive screen time in modern lifestyles.

You will have a big bag of Yin tea can be divided into small portions for 12 days. The daily amount can be adjusted according to your health condition: more for the first day and when you have inflammation or pain, less for normal days.

1. Start preparing your Yin tea at 12:30 pm.
2. Put 1 scoop of Yin tea into your cup.
3. Add 100℃ hot water, close the lid tightly and wait for 30 mins.
4. Start drinking the Yin tea from 1 pm.
5. When there is 1/4 left, repeat step 3 (wait for 15 mins). Keep drinking the tea until you go to sleep.

Optional Usage:
Since the tea is infused with universal high energy, the used tea / tea bag still contains powerful healing signals. You can dry the used tea bag and reuse it for healing purposes such as place it on your eyes for brightening the eyesight or put on your inflamed or painful spots to reduce discomfort.

If there is any inconsistency from the tea box instruction, this updated version shall prevail.

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