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Looking for Great Partners to Establish a Unique Longevity & Deluxe Healing Resort to Benefit the World

If You Think You Qualify, Contact Qinway!


Retreat Center

As a unique expert with longevity research and experiments, Grandmaster is willing to leave a great gift to the world; to establish a Unique Healing Resort is her dream. Her great article about ¡°Complete Longevity Law¡± was published in China in the Potential Science Magazine 16 years ago. Grandmaster will be fully responsible for providing the technology and knowledge, but really needs a partner who is strong in management and looking to provide funding for a good investment project.

A. Who is a suitable partner?

1. If you wish to establish the natural healing resort

2. If you wish to use natural healing methods to replace Western medicine to benefit human beings

3. If you have great management experience

4. If you have funds for charity (to do good things)

5. If you want longevity together with good health to benefit humanity and make a fortune field for your future generations

B. What is the image for the natural healing resort?

1. The unique healing will choose Hawaii (a good Feng Shui location) as a world Yin/Yang balance energy center. The unique healing resort¡¯s building has a special architectural style which can collect universal energy.

2. Founder Qinyin, as a longevity expert, will be responsible for complete design for each individual¡¯s detailed lifestyle, including diet, feng shui, color, number, sleep, travel, etc. All these factors can change over time, and need to be adjusted at any time. This is a full service and completely individualized system for disease root removal and will lead to true rejuvenation and set up a stable longevity lifestyle.

3. People with many types of diseases (high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes, sleep problems, etc;) can be treated. Through a one month or 3 month or even one year healing program to get rid of the root of the disease, significant rejuvenation and natural beautification will be the result.

4. The deluxe healing resort will offer full daily care and service to each client. In particular, each client will have a specific teacher to lead him or her to practice specific healing qigong exercises.

5. Each client will get a specifically designed diet, color, direction, number, etc which can be adjust daily.

6. Each client will get full service including professionally cooked meals with a specific menu.

7. Each client will get individual healing with daily monitoring of health progress.

And more¡­

This is a great project to benefit you and humanity. You are welcome to contact Qinway at 930@qinway.org.

Healing Temple & Enlightenment Retreat: To Unite with the Universe

Wuji Dimension is the highest spiritual being lever for human being to unite with universal as one. 3.2 D retreat just like building a strong foundation for body, mind, spirit; Qinway's next goal is to build a wisdom healing temple and Wuji Dimension Enlightenment retreat. Wisdom Healing Temple can help many people from the world to get real healthy life using the natural healing techniques, without taking the west medicines; Wuji Dimension enlightenment retreat can provide heavenly ladder to the students who really want enlightenment in this life. Qinway intended to offer free advanced training, education and facility for the next 2 of projects, through the 3.2 D retreat students faithful testimonials, such as universal energy signals, channels, energy ball, and amazing healing results, people will support the virtue projects.

The 3.2D retreat offers the techniques of opening channels, energy infusion and detoxification. People can clean themselves inside and out. In the meantime, their mind gets clear. If they keep the right lifestyle, the universal energy can flow into their body. Lots of diseases are related to emotional problems. During this emotional detoxification, the emotional blockage will be released as well and the Qi structure will be adjusted. People¡¯s minds will be more clear and it will be easy for them to make good decisions.

Our physical body is a house for our spirit to live in. Our spirit is our true self. Human beings without a spirit are like a vegetable. Spirit is the software for our body. Our spirits want to unite with the universe, which was their real home before. When we have more and more attachments, the spirit drops down and down, becoming 3D, 2D and even 1D. We want to move to spiritual practice to uplift our soul.

Qinway¡¯s 2nd 10-year holy mission is to save people¡¯s soul to unite with the universe. Qinway¡¯s 1st 10-year mission, which was focused on the physical body, is over. Qinway moved to Hawaii for the 2nd 10-year mission, which focuses on saving people¡¯s spirit through books, videos and healing technology. Through education, Qinway can help people obtain unlimited longevity and find their true self in the universe.

In the beginning, it¡¯s too early to talk about the theory of the spirit. We let karma people pay tuition to come to our guaranteed program to get the benefit. Through their experience, they can understand the system better and everything can be verified. They can become volunteers to work at the wisdom healing temple to help more and more people. At the wisdom healing temple, which will be supported by the 3 Higher Beings system, people can benefit from Qinway¡¯s miracle products. It is different from a regular 3D temple. It offers many technologies to save people¡¯s physical body and help them gain longevity. Karma people can come to the healing temple to get great experience. Through these verified techniques, more people become Quanyin Buddha and can help others. Some people who wish to get enlightenment in this lifetime can move to the enlightenment retreat. While the healing temple is running and developing, it will get donations from people and can support the enlightenment retreat.

Great students who have passed the testing can join the Wuji enlightenment retreat for enlightenment practice. It is free and will be supported by the healing temple, because thousands of people who get benefit from the healing temple will be able to support the Wuji enlightenment retreat. To be able to keep the healing temple running and developing, we need to have a management system and teaching system.

Grandmaster wants to leave a gift to this world. The wisdom healing temple is her dream. Through the 3.2D retreat, people can experience and understand the Qinway system in depth. But this 3.2D retreat only contains 5% of the technology of Qinway.

Now we want to plant trees to benefit our later generations, and also plant virtue aura for our spirit to get united to the universe. Through our virtue work, forget ourselves and unite with the universe. We are helping our soul to go back to our home in the universe.


Preface: Prepare to establish the Wuji enlightenment/healing temple with an elite group of 6-9 superior people with Qinway¡¯s good students who have a big wish for enlightenment in this life as the main force. The number of group members will determine the formal stability of the model of ¡°from 3.2D ¨C Healing Temple ¨C Wuji Enlightenment Retreat¡±.

The team members will participate in the construction of the wisdom healing temple, full of super-modern true knowledge for the body, mind and soul; perform achievements of perfect virtue, and gain free entry into the Wuji enlightenment super retreat for life enlightenment (they will be offered free meals, lodging, and study, specializing in practice for the Wuji enlightenment retreat, to help them reach the state of ¡°no attachment¡±).

The conditions to be a member of the elite group are: have attended and have a deep experience of the 3.2D retreat; have a good wisdom root with a virtue heart; have the potential to be trained; be a self-care and self-independent adult over the age of 18; have a unique ability with qualifications and experience; and have the potential to be fully devoted to the enlightenment retreat. Qualified individuals will be selected from the interested parties.

A formal decision will be made on whether to run as a model. The major task of preparation for the first and second year is to prepare the base and the members.

Enlightenment Holy Mission

How to Get Enlightenment?

Achieving Enlightenment has the following necessary conditions.

(1) Body: Keep the body in a good condition before successfully achieving enlightenment. As the spirit succeeds in enlightenment, the body can turn into light accordingly. The body can come or go at will through the control of mind and the corresponding level of spiritual attainment.

(2) Mind: In a highly balanced state, peace and deep calmness/concentration like a flat lake for a long time.

(3) Spirit: Attain complete virtue, and be received by higher beings. Completely understand "causes and results", the origins of the universe and lives, and the transformation of whole body energy and spiritual codes to unite with the universe. Be free from the karmic force of rebirth, and transcend to the 4th dimension even up to 9th dimension.

Turn to Enlightenment Mission

After finishing a legendary First Ten Year Healing Mission (1996-2006), Qinway Grandmaster Foundation has moved from California to Honolulu, Hawaii (a balanced energy center of the Earth) to begin its second ten-year spiritual mission to establish a NEW Enlightenment System.In 2008 year,Qinway is coming to hold a stable & serene Signal system for a Smooth Turn to the Next Holy Mission of establishing an enlightenment ladder between the first and second holy mission. The necessity to establish a great new stabile management system that is both mature and aware of this delicate transition is important The great future of the enlightenment system depends on a successful development of this good management virtue and understanding, and a strong and stabile team.

Support to Holy Mission

Anyone who make outstanding significant contributions in establishing the New Enlightenment Temple unique holy buildings will plan a "blessing field" for his or her after-lives, and achieve high energy aura equivalent to 4-Dimension.

Anyone who actively support the New Enlightenment Temple in various means, such as volunteering, donation and other ways, will be permanently recorded in Qinway's Holy Mission Virtue Tablet.

Wish every human being achieve enlightenment.

Wish every Qinway supporter unlimited blessings.

You are welcome to,

(1) Become A Great Volunteer, special join virtue management board;

(2) Donate to the non-profit Qinway Grandmaster Foundation;

(3) Submit feasible proposal and suggestions with your personal involvement to 930@qinway.org.

Wish all karmic people achieve true Liberation and Enlightenment,

Grandmaster Qinyin

Written on 02/08/2008 in Hawaii

Read more about >> Qinway Qigong's First 10 Year Healing Mission




Qinway Grandmaster Foundation

This is a dream - a dream that Grandmaster Qinyin has been struggling for a long time, a dream that many karmic Qinway supporters and students all have in the process of formation and development of the Qinway System, from deep Chinese mountains to the the capital of China, Beijing, San Francisco in America, San Diego, Los Angels and Hawaii...In this long journey, it has been the common dream of so many extraordinary supporters and outstanding students.


Qinway Grandmaster Foundation fixes this perfect dream at establishing a Non-Profit New Enlightenment Retreat Center. Its final goal completely matches with the holy mission from higher beings in the ten major directions, as well as the common earnest wish of countless human beings on Earth who will greatly benefit from the Qinway Super Human Science System.

Qinway Grandmaster Foundation will blend the love of the Heavenly Father and the compassionate power of Quanyin Buddha together, combine the five-thousand-year-old Chinese technology of energetic practice with the most advanced super human science, and condense them into a non-profit New Enlightenment Retreat Center to benefit humanity for generations to come, as shown in the above model and vision - whoever comes here can instantaneously be recharged with universal high energy.

As early as 1996 when the Qinway System was successfully born in Beijing after revolutionary transformations from the Purple Bamboo Qigong College in South China in 1991, the above blueprint of a non-profit New Enlightenment Retreat Center have been planned and envisioned. The above blueprint incorporates the essence of the ancient Chinese Taoist culture by condensing the universal high energy field through the Eight Tri gram buildings and Nine Palace Buildings. The building design of the Qinway New Enlightenment Retreat Center integrates outstanding considerations of time, space, directions, feng shui, geography and energy, which can prevent and avert any disaster, heal diseases and turn troubles into blessings.

Qinway New Enlightenment Retreat Center will be open and compatible with any religion. People who live, study, work or practice at Enlightenment Retreat Center can increase their wisdom and longevity. If they receive direct guidance from grandmaster, they will have a good chance to achieve physical immortality and spiritual enlightenment in this lifetime. The Enlightenment Retreat Center will also provide service to help spirits who have left their bodies uplift their spiritual energy to better dimensions, e.g. those souls perished during the tragic 9/11 event.

There will be many volunteers working at the New Enlightenment Retreat Center under an organized leadership and management team to provide health and spiritual programs and service for the body, mind and spirit for many karmic people. We sincerely wish and bless the early founding of the New Enlightenment Retreat Center, and sincerely hope karmic people with good understand support this truly beneficial cause through financial and human supports.


Phase II - Soul Healing Resort

Grandmaster gathered intelligence and experience from heavenly and the human life, experience successively thousands of hardships and pressures and finally completed the design of unique special soul healing resort which can save millions of human beings.

Phase II special soul healing resort is on the basis of successfully verified Phase I through the first 10 year at the United States, further extensive and in-depth refining the mind, body and spirit energy and gradually entering the Enlightenment stable stage, this is a step by step method and at each step it can be verified and leading towards enlightenment program.

Phase II is characterized as a special optimized soul healing resort for body and mind stability (27 days and 108 days or depends on the karma), below is a general outline and introduction:

  • Special healing for the body energy refinement to open Wu:

    High energy connection with universal channel
    The personalized cleanness diet energy and the correspondence cooking method
    The youth increasing wisdom method
    The youth clear vision method and the prevention of near sight and treatment
    Female merit ¡°Dan¡± qigong
    The anti-aging qigong
    Reduce weight qigong
    Driver qigong
    Heart treatment qigong
    Lung treatment qigong
    Kidney treatment qigong
    Stomach treatment qigong
    Liver treatment qigong
    Daily measurements of your blood pressure and blood glucose, vision, and other indicators, Change! Change! Change!)
    Characteristic Feng-shui energy arrangement
    Eight Diagrams and Yi-Jing forecasting
    Precepts and effects
  • Special healing for the mind energy refinement to open Wu:

    The emotional trauma draining method
    The spirit wound removal method
    The brain function rehabilitation method
    High energy connection with universal channel
  • Special healing for the spirit energy refinement and uplift to open Wu:

    Explore the three previous life causes
    Understand the six present life results
    The wisdom flower blossom through "ding-li" practicing
    Is Nirvana, the gold key leads to advanced super scientific Enlightenment. Obtain the golden key of achieving the enlightenment in this life
  • Superpower or Special Ability III:

    Perak palm to remotely put out forest wildfires
    Read his mind to remotely promote kind and suppress bad method

Construction of great virtue field by registering your Enlightenment account number

Open an account: donate money wisely, the great blessing covers Yin descendant
Participation: Enter your limited life into an infinite virtue world
Interest dividends: Germination the lotus seed, harvest the best fruit
Virtue-clear the spiritual fog: Give away big, Gain big. with discipline & strong will comes the wisdom viewpoint and Ding-li (never turn back discipline)Give away big, Gain big. The viewpoint and Ding-li never turned back

The successful rate of physical and mental rehabilitation is 96% for the students being approved to attend the Phase II, after the mind and body treatment;

And sowing the seeds of wisdom will inspire the upper root for insight in this life; lower-roots wisdom will grow rapidly; this is a personalized, long-term, and stable field to set up the soul growth effectiveness. A good analogy (imagine) this program is like a securing a first row seat on the fastest space shuttle to enlightenment.

1) Depend on the karma, the above mentioned courses may be adjusted.
2) Phase I and phase III may be added into the contents as well, as appropriate, will be determined.

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