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Grandmaster Is Planning Free Tuition for Advanced Level II Instructor (disciple) Training to Qualified Virtue students.

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Instructor Certification Renewal Notification and Announcement!

* All previous instructors must strictly comply with this section for re-certification:

* All certifications (including Level I instructor and all other types in the Qinway program previous 12 years) will expire on December 31, 2010

* All energized Bigu supplies and energized products will be provided only by Grandmaster.

* People if taken the class or retreat offered by Qinway instructors, you may email to 930@qinway.org to ask about the instructor’s qualification status

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Healing Resort

1. The Renown & Ancient BIGU Program with Special Low Price! Great Results Guaranteed!
Upgraded with 36 days Reward Remote Healing Package! (If you register before 7/30)
9/13 - 9/15/ 2014 in CA, Very Limited Size, Register Now!

A. 曾创造了无数奇迹而享誉北美湾区的*辟谷续丹疗疾闭关3.1D(原名:根本性治疗闭关班),奇效保障!更有36天远程治疗以及辟谷支持品套装相赠,若你正式注册在7月30日前


This Powerful and renown System is the collection of China's Top thousand years Tao's secret Healing Technique and Modernized! The BIGU method is preconditioned by 'Too Qi Filled to eat' and eat the “signal food” which was infused with high universal energy to achieve profound healing and rejuvenation, the special healing result appears in just a month even just a few days! The healing system amazing results were very famous in Beijing 20 years ago. After that it offered in America and many students came from Different Countries and many miracles happened. This Retreat program has Changed & Optimized many Students to Great Lives! This will be effective & verified by yourself!


Great results are guaranteed! The unique program has 20 years successful experiences. It is special designed with the unique teaching in small group and signal connection and on site comment by Grandmaster. This will be your most unforgettable memory in your life and benefit your healing, rejuvenation and enlightenment as well! Life is short, it is important to get quality life with health, longevity.the unique retreat is rear with less class per year. Register earlier and Don't be late and miss the great opportunity! limited size. Register now!

*该独一无二的特殊项目是保障成功的,20余年美国成功教学经验,个别设计小班制,面授机宜火候点化、信号接通式教学,均有师父本人亲自设计与执教。 受益的不仅是你的康健恢复青春盎然,更多的将是灵性的觉起,这也必将是你生命中的永远难忘。生命何其短暂,重要的是有一个健康而高质量的人生,席位有限,趁早注册。

* Special Remarks for the meaning of the signal name "Energy Ball Retreat 3.1D" (was called "fundamental healing retreat"): The healing technique has rare and unique effects and the on-site participants were shocked and upheaval, but in order to keep the 3.1D effect in 3D world (D: Dimensions, ordinary people are defined as 3D energy level, starting prolapsed reincarnation as 4D or above. Almost 100% of the retreat participants at the end of the retreat can arrive to 3.1D energy level), it requires the participants to raise the energy ball baby continuous or periodic, not exceedingly to wither, so it called continuous raising energy ball baby. Only with the energy ball people can live longer and achieve solid spiritual growth. Prolapsed 3D dirt, Participants can maintain the energy level and live really wonderful and spiritual life and keep practicing to higher energy level until enlightenment (Qinway system includes self healing techniques, rejuvenation and beautification & more high-dimensional practice techniques, etc.).

Unprecedented creative with rigorous scientific attitude, Qinway prepared and implemented the human detoxification and energy infusion process as the technique procedure. All retreat participants, without any exception, successfully completed their system change for body, mind and spirit, including dispel various root of diseases.

* 开门见山的备注:辟谷续丹疗疾型闭关3.1D(原名:根本性治疗闭关班)之信号含义:该疗疾之径与效果学员现场皆有稀有独特及巨变之震憾性,但必须以持续地或定期性地将体内的丹宝好生养育不至枯萎, 故称续丹型。唯有续丹方能延年益寿并得大道修炼稳固进程,亦唯此方能在已获3.1D成效(D:Dimensions,定义红尘中为三维,脱出轮回的起点为4D 以上,该闭关学员几乎100%在班结束时都能抵达3.1D)、已脱出3D后天污垢熏染的层面上保持并活出生命(生病有法自疗、衰老有径葆春、百年后更有高维度生命可超越修成等)的真精采与修炼的真果位。

沁康平史无前例创造性地带着严谨而科学态度,编制并实施了人体排毒填元走向了技术工艺流程,使得入闭关班 的学员无一例外地成功实施人体整修工程,达到奇迹般的身心脱胎换骨,包括祛除各种病根,迎接自身洁净的充满灵觉的新体系。

Upcoming Retreat & Events 闭关班开班时间、地点预告

1) Energy Ball Retreat 3.1D
4:30 pm 9/13 -- 10:30 am 9/15/ 2014
( in English & Chinese)


2) 免费咨询与讲座与介绍会-与大师面对面 欲参加者可来函联系

(时间, 地点视因缘而定)

4:30 pm 9/13 -- 10:30 am


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