Qinway Qigong: Simple and Effective

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Qinway Qigong: Simple and Effective

Toddy Fitch

I once took Tai Chi and Qigong classes, with a different teacher, for about one and a half years. Learning it was a very long and sometimes difficult process, because it involved many, very specific, positions and movements. It took me months and months of practice to learn this form of Qigong, and to practice I went to classes three to four times a week so that my teacher could watch and correct my positions.

For over a year I did not take Qigong classes or practice at home. When I decided to start taking Qigong classes again, someone recommended Qinyin’s Qinway Qigong classes and said that they were very “powerful”.

I went to Qigong Master Qinyin’s weekend retreat and was amazed. Her method of Qigong seems to be simplified in its positions and movements and yet very powerful in its effectiveness.

I find Qinyin’s unique method of teaching Qigong extremely valuable because it has taken the most powerful and effective practices from the many teachings and styles of Qigong and put them together to create a very simple and doable technique. Qinyin’s Qigong can be learned in one weekend, (even by those not familiar with Qigong), and then practiced on a daily basis at home without having to go to classes three to four time a week. This alone, in our rushed daily environment, makes Qinyin’s Qigong unique and invaluable compared to the existing Qigong teachings available in the United States.


Qigong is becoming more and more recognized and respected in the United States today. It is a method of breathing Qi into our bodies, which energizes us. (Qi in western terms is energy or oxygen.)

The practice of Qigong energizes us and gives us a sense of well being, as do many other forms of exercises. Qigong is not as rigorous as many other forms of exercises and therefore its practice is not limited to young, strong, and energetic people.

Qinyin has taken an ancient and very disciplined practice of Qigong, and modernized it into a simple effective form that we Americans can learn easily and benefit greatly from.


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