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An Interview with Qigong Student Scott

by Sarah Goodman

Scott Weaver, who has been on a spiritual healing path for over 34 years, attended Qigong Master Qinyin's Fundamental Healing Retreat in January 2004. He has been on bigu (energized fasting) since then. Qinway Qigong volunteer Sarah interviewed Scott in mid April 2004.

Qigong Scott Then
Scott: then

Qigong Scott Now
Scott: now

Sarah: Would you please tell us a bit about your background as it relates to your coming to Qinway Qigong?

Scott: I've studied different spiritual and healing systems with a number of different teachers over the past 34 years. The most impressive thing I've realized is that anyone from any system can benefit from Qinway Qigong. Qinway Qigong will not interfere with the teaching of other systems. People can continue with their system and be better equipped for whatever process they're doing.

Sarah: What would you say to the average person about what they can expect from Qinway Qigong?

Scott: At whatever level, they're going to go deeper. They can improve, and find out really and truly, who they are.

Sarah: What would you say to a person with serious physical problems?

Scott: Get here as quickly as possible. Seriously. Start today.

Sarah:You're in the process of a bigu or an energized fast. How this one compared with any fast that you might have done previously?

Scott: Let's see. Other fasts: painful; miserable; harsh; uncomfortable; just no fun at all. There were periods where I would break into an experience that I guess could be called somewhat pleasant. Before this Qigong bigu the longest I had fasted was ten days. This is my eighty-first day. I've never been hungry at any time during this process. It's very natural. The energy level will go up and down. There are days when I have overflowing energy, and when people realize I'm on this energized fast, they can't believe it because I'm so energetic. There are days when I look in the mirror and notice the life-force energy coming into my body. And this after years of watching the life-force energy leave my body. At age fifty-three I feel like I'm becoming younger.

Sarah: Could you talk a little bit about the process used to determine the length of the Qigong fast?

Scott: Well, originally I thought it was going to last eleven days. Then when I got on the course I decided to set my goal at thirty days, and I seem to remember chuckling, 'Right, thirty days. Let's see if that's going to happen.' At the same time my attitude was to take it one day at a time. That's still my attitude. It seems to have taken on a life of it's own. It's a very good life, and in many ways it just keeps getting better and better. Physically I'm more at home in my body than I have been since my twenties. As I remember, when I started my thirties I could feel my body tightening up and so many negative things happening. Now I feel much more comfortable in my body. Also, I'm feeling more comfortable no matter where I am or what I'm doing. For example, before I started Qinway Qigong there would have been a part of me that would have resisted doing an interview like this. Now, this is fine. This is O.K.

Sarah: How much weight have you lost during this Qigong bigu?

Scott: The first day I weighed in at 212 pounds and today I weigh 157. So it's a big difference, a big change.

Sarah: What did you mean by "feeling more comfortable in your body"?

Scott: For example, just trying to sleep at night. Trying to sleep and be comfortable at the same time was an effort. And when you're trying to sleep, the last thing you want to be doing is efforting something. Now, and I noticed this very quickly in the process, just being comfortable in your body no matter whether you're sleeping, sitting, running, sitting at a desk, whatever, is a freedom that I'd forgotten about. I'd gotten to a point where I'd become used to the pain, and so much of the pain has left me. So, that's just another aspect of the freedom. It's on so many different levels. Just sitting here and talking to you, so many of the other improvements come to mind. I can't even remember them all right now.

Sarah: You practice a series of Qigong exercises daily during the Qigong fast. Would you please elaborate?

Scott: Yes. The Qigong exercises are easy, but initially I found them somewhat difficult because of the physical condition I was in. There is one where you stand with your feet together, but I couldn't do it because my legs were too thick. Now however, the Qigong exercises have become so pleasant; they have become meditations, blissful meditations. You can feel the energy coming into the cells of your body. If you're tired, the energy replenishes the body. If you're hungry, the hunger goes away. They're so simple that it's hard to believe that these Qigong exercises do all these things.

Sarah: Could you finish a sentence that begins, 'The most beneficial effect of Qinway Qigong . . . .'

Scott: Sure. The first thing that comes to mind is that Qinway Qigong is very quick. It starts to work immediately. With a lot of processes that is not the case. This process works on everything at one time. It not only works on the physical, it works on the mental, emotional and spiritual. Some of the other processes take a little bit here and a little bit there. This Qigong process, because it's working 24-hours a day, 7-days a week taking care of everything at once, can't help but be more complete. It's not that the other healing modalities aren't good; this is just quicker because it's working around the clock. All I can say is that you have to experience this Qigong system.

Sarah: So you don't anticipate going back to the 'old Scott' any time soon?

Scott: Ask me when I complete Qigong bigu. I can feel old habits changing. In the beginning I thought when I finish Qigong bigu I'm going to have this food or that food, yet now when I think of those foods there's no real desire to eat them. It seems like it was all mental.

Sarah: If you could make a one sentence statement about Qinway Qigong, what would it be?

Scott: I would say, thank God. Qinway Qigong is a technology that more people need to know about because they can benefit from it.


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