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Qigong PatriciaTen years ago I limped into a Qigong class leaning on a cane I had used for several years. My back ached, my left leg was unstable, and I was weak from radiation and chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer. But after only a couple of months of Qigong practice miracles started to happen! My pain and depression lifted and my strength started to return. I was on my way to a great recovery! I studied with several strong, competent Qigong Masters and even started to teach beginning Qigong practices. My progress continued but it was uneven and I experienced long plateau periods. Intuitively I knew I didn't have the 'whole' healing picture and continued to search, study and pray for a deeper understanding of how all the healing pieces fitted together. I was also vaguely aware that at some deep, cellular level my energetic patterns were not well-aligned.

But I had no idea how to proceed until I read about Qigong Master Qinyin and her emphasis on detoxification and energetic fasting. Her Qinway Qigong system offers a way to 'clean the slate' as it were, and re-program healthy signals into the body and spirit. One of the major strengths of the Qigong system is the energetic support Master Qinyin provides for the cleansing fasts. Students are provided with solid, detailed instructions in both the fasting process and rationales, and in the daily Qigong practices they use to help themselves. Energized teas, water, and objects, and daily long-distance Qi emissions make it possible for students to complete these fasts while working at their regular jobs. Hunger is a rare and passing problem because the student is literally "filled-with-energy". The Qigong practices are recorded on audio tapes and infused with energy. Daily practices are much easier to do under these circumstances. Qigong master Qinyin sees students on a regular basis, evaluates their progress and gives advice, support and instruction making this system both effective and safe.

Another major strength of this system is the recognition of the importance of the student's spiritual and mental health. One cannot have good health without a clear mind and spirit. Instruction and practice is designed to help students understand this and then achieve it. Qigong master Qinyin's system is very well thought out and holistically integrated. Qinway Qigong addresses the issues that many rehabilitation and healing system in both the West and China either ignore or overlook. Because it includes the process of detoxifying the body and cleansing the spirit, coupled with intense, competent, personal attention from Qigong master Qinyin, students 'get well' much , much faster.

My own experience with this Qigong system has been dramatic. My energy is lighter, smoother and clearer. A few energetic blocks I have had for years have started to move. My immune system is much stronger and I have been free of colds, flu etc. Since I started integrating Qigong master Qinyin's system into my life. I am also much more aware of how energy flows both in my body as well as in those around me. In my opinion, all aspects of this Qigong system are solid, but the detoxification/purification process is really essential in moving toward complete, integrated 'whole health'.

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