Certification 3.05D Retreat 

Natural Healing . Rejuvenation . Special Abilities . Enlightenment

One Day Bigu Recharge Qigong Training
Unique Certification 3.05D Retreat
Taught Personally by Grandmaster (1st Pilot Class)

Certification 3.05D Retreat Session A


* Start to open your channel to upgrade your magnet field to unite with the Universal High Energy
* Eat Bigu* meal, embracing the mystical "Qi-Overflow, Beyond Hunger" state; allow the invisible Universal High Energy to fill your form to achieve highly effective detoxification
* Learn the golden key of a simple and easy-to-follow practice to transform your body, mind, and spirit, leading to self-discovery and self-mastering
* Become a certified One Day Bigu Retreat Instructor after you attend Certification Retreat Session B and successfully pass the qualification exam.
* During the retreat session A and B, Grandmaster will provide personalized instruction tailored to the individual capacities of each potential 3.05D instructor or enlightenment practitioner with wordless teaching method.
* Outstanding students who pass the assessment will be eligible to join the 3.05D Retreat Global Promotion Tactics and Strategy Committee.

3.05D* Bigu Recharge Qigong

Is an advanced healing system that allows people to connect directly with universal high energy for instant recharge and deep detoxification. It is easy to learn, yet highly effective, specifically designed for modern people with an ever-increasing need to stay stress-free and energetic.

*D: Means "Dimension" stands for the level of enlightenment practice moving up from 3D to 4D.

Bigu Recharge Qigong Methods Compared to Other Healing Methods

Participant Requirements:

* Preference for 3.3D retreat students whose body in yin-yang balance and in good health, with a strong desire to be trained as a One Day Bigu Retreat Instructor
* Preference is given to those willing to join the GM Heavenly Ladder Enlightenment Elite Team and take on significant roles.
* Preference is given to those who have a strong aspiration to become a great healer.

Certification 3.05D Retreat Session B

Following the completion of Certification 3.05D Retreat Session A, students embark on a six-month period of home practice, incorporating the 3.3D Practice regimen. This phase is crucial for the integration and mastery of the competencies and insights gained in Session A. It serves as an assessment platform, where students are evaluated in various capacities:

  Qinway Instructor: Assessed on their ability to organize and effectively communicate in a teaching role
  Outstanding Healer: Evaluated on their special abilities and proficiency in healing techniques
  Enlightenment Ladder Practitioner: Recognized as powerful followers of the Grandmaster, with involvement in the administrative and management tasks of the team
Scheduled Timing: Approximately 6 Months After Session A
Special Launch Price for the 1st 3.05D Retreat Session B and Individualized Program: $777

Qualified Instructors Must Grasp D Levels from 3.05D to 4D Enlightenment

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