Unique China Spiritual Trip

This unique spiritual journey in China, designed and personally led by a Grandmaster (hereafter referred to as Gm) who founded a highly successful 3.3D Rejuvenation Retreat program in the U.S. with a 99.99% success rate over thirty years, involves direct engagement with specific energy fields of heaven and earth, and offers personalized guidance in various cultivation techniques tailored to different energetic magnetic fields. As early as 2004, Gm had already successfully led American students and spiritual companions on specialized journeys to explore China, an ancient civilization with a thousand years of cultivation history and culture.

Therefore, the spiritual cultivation journey led by Gm in China is a unique experience that supplements energy, expands knowledge in specialized cultivation areas, and enhances personal health and longevity, fundamentally differing from ordinary travel.独一无二的中国灵性之旅,是由在美开设成功率高达99.99%已三十年的3.3D返老还童闭关项目的Grandmaster (以下简称Gm) 亲自设计、亲自担任定点天地能量场接通、并对不同的定位能量磁场提供不同的修炼技术讲解与炼功的个性化指导;早在20年前的2004年,Gm就成功率领美国学员与缘友开启了对具有千年修炼历史文化的东方文明古国中国进行了专题的几大项目之旅。因此,Gm率领的中国灵性修炼之旅,就是一个独一无二的增补能量、拓宽特种修炼领域里知识、增进自身健康长寿之旅,这与普通的旅行有本质上的不同。

Spiritual Trip A: "Spirit of the Desert" - Dunhuang

  • Group members will fly directly from various starting points to the same destination, Dunhuang. Gm will guide you through the heart-stirring Dunhuang Caves, showcasing the "Flying Apsaras" and other magnificent Buddhist frescoes.
  • The extraordinary origin and energy connection: A millennium ago, a wise monk passing by the Dunhuang mountains, noticed with insightful eyes, the mountains bathed in brilliant golden light. Consequently, the monk settled there, dedicating his life to carving one grotto after another, inspiring future generations to continue sculpting lifelike, diverse statues in meditation poses. This endeavor, spanning a thousand years, resulted in the astonishing and vast collection of Dunhuang murals.
  • In this "golden-light surrounded" Dunhuang mountain range, beside the rare clear waters of Crescent Moon Lake, Gm will connect you with the special yin and yang energy field onsite and guide you on how to advance your cultivation levels.
  • Beyond marveling at the desert wonders outside the city, the brave among you can ride camels in the desert (optional), experiencing its unique local customs and landscapes.诸位团员将从不同的出发地,直接飞往同一个目标地敦煌。不凡的由来与能量信号接通:千年前,有一位高僧路路过有着特殊地貌与塞外风光的敦煌山脉,以一双慧眼发现这座山脉笼罩着一道道灿烂的金光!于是高僧便驻留此地,用尽毕生的时间精力开凿出一个又一个石窟,并带动后人陆续来此继续雕塑出一座又一座栩栩如生、千姿百态的进入“禅定手印”的优美佛像,竟绵延千年之久,造就了敦煌石窟壁画群落这一令世人惊叹的伟大而浩瀚工程;Gm将带你参观动人心弦的著名敦煌石窟各种“飞天”佛像壁画群;在这个被“金光灿灿光芒缭绕的敦煌山脉”、在极为罕见的一池清亮的沙漠月牙湾,Gm将在此特殊的阴阳兼备能量场,为你进行现场接通,并指点你如何进阶修炼层次;在本团队领略塞外沙漠奇观之余,胆大勇敢的你,还可自主尝试一下在沙漠里骑骆驼(选择项),感受不一样的特别风土人情。
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Spiritual Trip B: Tengchong

  • The "Replenishing Innate Vital Energy" Journey: Tengchong, a unique city nestled in the Gaoligong Mountains, known for its mysterious geomagnetic fields (where compasses spin wildly at the summit and loud conversations by the enchanting lakeside can swiftly summon clouds and rain):
  • Gm will take you on a cable car ride to fully explore the Yungfeng Mountain, home to a vast array of wild plants including various precious medicinal herbs. Upon reaching the mountain, Gm will arrange for your direct stay at the renowned Quanzhen Taoism Yungfeng Mountain Taoist Temple, where you'll receive a warm personal welcome from the Daoist priest. Here, you will not only experience the life of a Daoist monk but also be introduced to the doctrines and techniques of Quanzhen Taoism by Gm.
  • Gm will guide you through Tengchong's unique geological features, characterized by vibrant geothermal activity and hot springs caused by active crustal volcanic movements, historically dubbed as "a sea of heat". Here, Gm will help you connect with energies that can directly enhance your body's Yang vital energy.
  • You will have the opportunity to bathe in the hot springs at the foothills of the "boiling" famous site "Big Boiling Pot", where Gm will show you the unique health and beauty benefits of sulfur springs, deepening your detoxification and vitality replenishment process!
  • Tengchong's hot springs are highly valued for their therapeutic properties, improving the circulatory system, benefiting bone joints, spinal, and gastrointestinal diseases, and especially effective in treating skin inflammations, healing scars, and rejuvenating kidney health.
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Spiritual Trip C: Study Taoist alchemy and immortal cultivation techniques

  • In Hangzhou, visit the temple of Ge Hong, a Taoist sage from the Eastern Jin Dynasty. The Grandmaster (Gm) will offer a series of special sessions explaining the most valuable Taoist techniques in the history of world religions, including the unique doctrines of "internal alchemy" and "external alchemy," with a focus on the technical analysis of external alchemy production.
  • Gm will also share advanced practices, including ancient Chinese methods of internal visualization that reveal the correspondence between the human body's meridians and the vast universe, leading to the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Hetu and the Luoshu, and more.
  • This spiritual journey will also encompass tasting local, healthy cuisine, providing personalized wellness methods tailored to the local environment, and not overemphasizing exhaustive sightseeing but focusing on spontaneous lectures, personalized feedback, and group advancement in practice to truly nourish your body, mind, and spirit.
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Unique China Spiritual Journey Policy

  • Participants must be in good health with no serious illnesses and not have the "three highs" (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol).(Hospital medical proof may be required when necessary.)
  • Unauthorized departure from the group at any time during the trip is prohibited; a related agreement must be signed for individual cases needing to leave the group.
  • Unauthorized activities at the China-Myanmar border in Tengchong are not allowed.
  • The team reserves the right to timely amend and supplement necessary policies.

Open to Students, along with their Family and Friends

Sep of 2024, China

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