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"Qinway Bigu Transformed Me!"

Lynne of Escondido, CA has been doing Qinway bigu (energized fasting) continuously since Feb. 28, 2003 (see left comparison pictures). Lynne is among the record keepers who have done long bigu in America, even though she works around food in a coffee shop all day long.

Below are e-mail notes from Lynne chronicling her impressive transformation through Qinway step by step.

3/6/03 - I have lost 13 pounds. I am so grateful. I feel great. I feel clear thinking and energetic with slightly more intense moods.

3/8/03 - I was able to make a difficult business decision this week, which normally could have induced sadness and great disappointment. I am feeling quite in the moment, content and positive about being in divine hands. I feel as if I have been hidden and am peeling away to regain the real me. Wow!

3/11/03 - I am thrilled with my results and plan to continue with the bigu. I feel so good, with amazing mental clarity.

3/28/03 - I did see a 1.5 pound drop in weight yesterday, coinciding with the return of stool detox and the return of increased odor during urination and the feeling of cold. I have lost 23 pounds at this point. In the last 2 days I have had much pain in my middle back and the bottom of my feet.

4/22/03 - I feel good on the full bigu, now weigh 158. I started at 189. I would like to reach 150 as a first goal and then decide at that point. I am feeling pain in my middle back area and neck.

- I feel good and am continuing on the full bigu. Today is day 12 (of full Qigong bigu). I have lost 33 pounds - yeah!

5/2/03 - Today I started a new routine. I got up at 3am to do 1 hour Qinway exercise before my usual time I get up at 4am. Then I do more Qinway exercise at night. This worked well. I had much energy all day and I feel great and feel able to continue the full Qinway bigu strongly as before.

5/8/03 - I have been experiencing a big increase in the feeling of Qi as I do the Qinway exercises in the last few days. I also feel a constant buzzing in my body for the last 2 weeks.

5/23/03 - I feel more enthused about where I am going in life. I'm more creative, have more mental clarity about the bigger picture of all aspects of my life, less emotional reactions to negatives and a greater ability to detach when needed.

6/2/03 - I have had more detoxing of old stool and brighter yellow urine this week. I have had stiff neck and middle back pain. Previously during the bigu I was experiencing much coldness. In the last 2 weeks that has changed to much warmth at night especially.

6/9/03 - People around me have commented how flexible my back has become, as I can now bend over quickly while working at my coffee shop.



03/08/2003 - 不到10天時間,我已經甩掉了13磅。我很感激,感覺非常好,覺得大腦思維非常清晰,情緒變得很好。

03/08/2003 - 在這個星期我要做一個艱難的有關職業生涯的決定,要照以往來說我可能會很傷心或失望。但現在,我感覺很平靜,感覺我的一切在高維靈性生命的關懷之下,有一份重獲新生的感覺,哇,真棒!

03/11/2003 - 我被習練沁康平所取得的奇特效果所鼓舞和興奮,決心要更好地習練完成

03/28/2003 - 我在昨天一天內又減了1.5磅,同時有排出奇臭宿便,排出的尿液也有難聞的味道。身體感覺較冷。我已經減掉了23磅。在過去的2天裏,有氣衝病竈反應,我的背部和我的腳底都感覺到疼痛。

04/22/2003 - 覺得沁康平技術非常好,剛開始入班的時候體重189,現在變成了158,我想作爲第一目標減到150,已經近在咫尺。

- 我感覺很好,決定好好繼續下去。迄今我已經減去了33磅!

05/02/2003 - 今天,我開始一個新的循環做沁康平技術練習。我平時在淩晨3點前練習,今天上午我4點起床練習1小時。其余的我多放在晚上習練。這看來行之有效,覺得整天有很多能量感覺好極了,覺得必須堅持下去做沁丹能辟谷。因爲我感覺比之前更有力量了!

05/23/2003 - 我覺得在生活中充滿熱情,並很想知道怎樣才能過的更好。現在的我有著很多創意,頭腦清晰,我對生活的各個方面很樂觀,感情上負面情緒出現很少,即便有,也能夠很快的擺脫負面情緒。

06/02/2003 - 在這周我有排出很多的宿便,排尿很通暢;不過還在氣衝病竈的過程中。我的頸部有些僵硬和背部有些疼痛。我在沁丹爐式辟谷中看到了很多白光。在過去2周,身上有很大改變,覺得身體溫暖了很多,特別是在夜裏。

06/09/2003 - 我周圍的人感覺我的背部變的靈活,因爲我現在可以迅速的彎腰了,以前彎腰動作對我非常艱難。

08/22/2003 - 再次深深體會到沁康平技術真的非常好,剛開始入班的時候體重189,現在變成了128,我已經成功減肥61磅! 鏡子裏的我好年輕!見到我的人都說我像一個標准的電影明星,看看我的對比照片吧,你說像不像?

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