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Results are *Guaranteed
Registration Step by Step
Important Note:
* More earlier to pay means it will be more earlier for YOU to get Grandmaster's full energy signal setting and planning for supporting! As well as the unique retreat is really intensive, to save your retreat valuable time, now you can prepay unique section II Bigu homework as a special option. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
A. How to Sucessfully Register the Special Ability & Rejuvenation Retreat:

1. Qinway does not accept severely ill patients who are unable to take care of themselves, infectious diseases, severe skin diseases, advanced cancer, mental illness or unable to control their emotions normally. If you have the above diseases, before submitting the registration fee, please write to Grandmaster in advance to obtain the approval. If your application is not reported for approval, the registration fee will not be refunded once submitted.

2. After you read the agreement and expressing your agreement, you can make payment. Please note that 3.3D retreat registration fee is not refundable.

3. After successfully paid the fee, please fill the 3.3D retreat registration form and email to Qinway (930@qinway.org) immediately, and write down what you want to solve and achieve through the 3.3D retreat. Your registration form will be personally read by Grandmaster and connect you instantly to start your remote healing process.

4. It is recommended that you start preparing before the retreat. The best preparation is to start taking Yin-Yang healing tea and practicing energized DVD Kit. It has been proved that this will bring you a lot of benefits.

5. Please click below to read 3.3 D retreat registration agreement and start register:

Priceless! The 3.3D retreat is energy concentrated, your energy channel will go into depth and get solid foundation with many miracle healing results! It's Guaranteed! as this unique retreat is only $3600. The credit card service fee is waived due to the epidemic, best wishes to all karma people.

B. To Pay Individual Section with Grandmaster in the Retreat:
This great opportunity only offer to the current retreat students, and it is non-refundable:

Why to pay this option in advance?
To save your retreat valuable time, you can pay in advance. Individual healing and consultation sections combined with $200 off, cost only $520 (original cost $720).

C.To Prepay Retreat Section B: Do Bigu Rewarding Package 108 Days at Home

Huge discount includes Grandmaster sending remote healing support with the individual direction
For retreat students only and it is non-refundable:

Why to pay this option in advance?
To save your retreat valuable time, you can pay in advance. The Bigu Supply includes Grandmaster's remote direction and healing support everyday for you during the 108 days. You may order 108-day package in advance to save your retreat valuable time, the costs $14 each day Only.

The most convenient way is to order through our secure online shopping cart (Visa, MasterCard only. Corporate or non-US-based credit cards may be charged 1.37% additional processing fee from Visa or MasterCard companies).

*Results are Guaranteed
As Long As You Follow Grandmaster's Instruction & Homework

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