Qinway Healed Lan Ni's Rare Diabetes

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Qigong LanNi

Reclaiming My Health From Rare Diabetes
- Lan Ni (Fremont,CA)

Published in Kungfu Magazine, January 2000

  More than ten years ago, I discovered that I had to drink much more water than other people and kept going to the bathroom. I met with many doctors, but no one could identify what went wrong with me. Everyday I had to drink up to five gallons of water and go to the bathroom once every hour. After I gave birth to my son, the situation got worse and I had to go to the bathroom every half an hour. Due to insufficient sleep, I always felt tired through the day. After I came to America, I had further examinations. Finally, in August 1998 I was diagnosed as having "diabetes insipidus". There are only about five cases of diabetes insipidus in roughly one hundred thousand Americans.

My doctors said that I was lucky, and that although this disease could not be healed, fortunately it's still controllable through medication. But, he told me, I must depend on medicine all through the rest of my life. After I started the medication, the symptom of "endless water" subsided, but I still got tired very easily. Due to the side effects of the medicine, I often suffered from headache and my urinary tract was hot and pressured, and I grew increasingly obese.

The Need to Detoxify

In December 1998, by chance I attended a free introductory Qinway seminar, which changed my life fundamentally. In the seminar, I told Grandmaster Qin, the founder of Qinway Qigong, that I had a problem with the disorder of internal secretion. Grandmaster Qin used her special scanning ability on me and discovered that there was a blockage somewhere in my head, which was the root of my disorder. Therefore, I need to "detoxify through energized-fasting", that is to infuse the "vital Qi" into my body and form a pressure to push those toxins out of my body. I really agreed with Grandmaster Qin's concept of "detoxification and energy-infusion", and above all, I didn't want to accept the fate that I had to take medicine for the rest of my life. Therefore I decided to attend one of Master Qin's Bigu Healing Retreat.

This Retreat would take about 24 hours continuously in a closed manner. Despite the fact that I hadn't learned any Qigong before, I had strong feeling of Qi and underwent some detoxification and real Qi attacking the diseased area" experience during the retreat. Qinway Exercises is really a set of simple and highly effective exercises. In the retreat, I started to produce more and more saliva in my mouth, and every time I meditated I could smell some stinking gases leaving from the soles of my feet. In the meantime, my drinking and urinating behaviors all improved.

On the third day after the retreat, I returned for a comment and thought it would be quite enough now that I had already fasted for three days. Unexpectedly, Master Qin firmly told me that if I wanted my "diabetes insipidus" to be completely healed, the only way was to practice Qigong harder and further extend the period of energized-fasting. So under Grandmaster Qin's continuing guidance, I fasted completely for twelve days. And the total period, including getting into and out of fasting, amounted to as long as eighteen days. During this Qigong fasting period, my relatives and friends often curiously asked me, "Don't you really feel hungry? What did you eat actually?" My reply was, " I eat the essential Qi from the heaven and the earth". Not only did I not feel hungry but still belched out gas from time to time. At the sixth day of my Qigong fasting, I discharged some dark brown "accumulated stool" from the bowel. At the eighth day, the phenomena of detoxification spread to all over my body. Some red and irresistibly itchy speckles appeared in my back, abdomen, neck and thighs, and then disappeared in the following two days. My medication decreased to just one fourth of its previous dose, which greatly surprised my doctor. Recently, my medication sometimes declines to an almost negligible level; sometimes it even complete stops. Finally I am reclaiming my freedom from the medicine.

Weight Loss and Health

Another unexpected gain was that I lost almost twenty pounds during the Bigu, my skin was even brighter and there were no wrinkles left at all from the weight loss. I excitedly pulled out my beloved jeans from the bottom of my wardrobe and put them on (please above see comparison photos. The first one was taken before, the second was taken a month after I practiced Qinway Exercises).

Every day, I feel strong energy. I work as an accountant and recently it was the busy season for filing tax returns. Under prior conditions, I would not have been able to handle all the work, but now I feel completely at ease with my workload. In the past, I used to be the first person in the office to become a victim of flu; however, last year I was the only survivor during the Spring flu which rampaged the whole San Francisco bay area.

Although Qinway Program is not designed for any single disease, it's one of the most fundamental and effective approaches to overall healing. Among the students who participate Qinway Retreat, many have experienced its rapid and effective healing power. For example, Ms. Liang, a lady with serious thyroid gland disease, took both Western and Chinese medication for years but with no success. After attending Qinway retreat, she was able to practice complete fasting for 49 days and looked like a new person afterwards. I also witnessed many weight loss cases among the students. Many students were healed from chronic hypertension, heart diseases, women's diseases, and arthritis. At the same time, they lost weight and looked younger. This is an unexpected but exciting benefit of Qinway program.

Qinway program is an excellent natural healing technique. Here, by sharing my experience with others, I pray that more people can benefit from the miraculous healing power of Qinway Retreat.

Last update 08/19/07.


此文发表在北美《功夫》杂志 (2000年首月刊)

Lan Ni (Fremont, 美加州)

十多年前,我發現我總是要比別人喝非常多的水,然后被迫不得不頻繁的去衛生間。为此我看了很多医生,但是没有一个医生能確診我得了什麽病。这种每天至少喝五加侖的水,每隔一小時就要去衛生間的怪病。自從我生下兒子后,情況變得跟糟糕,就是每隔半小時就必须去衛生間。 由於睡眠不足,我總是覺得很累。來到美國后,我做了進一步多方面詳細的檢查。 最終在1998年8月,我被診斷為大約在200萬美國人中只有5例的“尿崩癥”。

我的醫生說我是幸運的,雖然這種疾病無法治愈,但能通過藥物治療來控制,但是我必須依靠藥物度過餘生。 開始服藥之後,“無休止的喝水”癥狀減少了,但却更容易疲倦。且由於藥物的副作用,我經常頭痛和尿路感染,並且越來越肥胖。


1998年12月,一個偶然的機會我參加了沁康平免費講會,這个机遇从根本上改變了我的生活。我向沁音大師訴說了我嚴重的“怪”病。 沁大師运用了她的特殊診療能力,發現在我的頭部某一块地方有堵塞,并指出這才是我疾病的真正根源,她同时指出 我必须实施“能量排毒”,也就是必须要以大量的真元之氣”注“入體内作為推動排出毒素的動力。 我非常認同沁音大師的觀點,我也意识到有一点很重要,即我不想要终身靠藥物維持我的生命质量, 于是当下我就決定參加沁康平辟谷閉關班。

沁康平辟谷閉關班是一個24小時連續的封閉練習模式。之前我沒有接觸任何气功,但在沁康平閉關班中我強烈的感到“氣”在攻克病灶并排毒。 我口中生出很多的唾液,沁大师说这叫“金津玉液”, 我能聞到自己從腳底散發出的惡臭氣味。在這期間,我的频繁飲水、排尿症状很快得到了很大的改善。

在參加閉關班的第三天,我以为辟谷三天大概夠了,但沁音大師堅定地告訴我,要治愈我的“尿崩癥”,唯一的辦法就是繼續勤奋修習沁康平法门,并且延长辟谷的时间。所以在沁音大師的繼續指導下.我成功做完了全辟穀12天,再加半辟谷6天,總共18天。在這個期間, 我的親朋好友常常好奇的問我“你真的不餓嗎?那你實際上吃了些什麽呢?”我的回答是“我吃的是天地間的元氣。”我不但不覺得飢餓。還不時的排出氣體。 在辟穀的第六天,排出了常年積累在腸道內的宿便。第八天,我的全身都出現排毒現象.一些紅色的奇癢的斑點出現在我的背部、頸部、腹部及大腿,并在隨後的2天中消失。 我的藥量很快下降到了原來的四分之一,這使我的主治醫生驚訝不已。 半个多月下来,我的用藥量更是少到可以忽略的程度;有時甚至完全停止。就这样我終於從藥物中奪回了我的自由。



现在的我,每天都感到精力充沛。我是一名會計,最近是報稅旺季。以前我常常累得不能處理所有的工作。 而現在,面對巨大的工作量我很有信心。在過去,我常常是辦公室中第一個感冒的,但在去年蔓延舊金山的春季流感中我卻是唯一的倖存未被感染者。


我注意到沁康平不是針對某一疾病設計的,这是一套根本、有效的全面養生治療體系。我亲眼目睹同学中有许多不同案例都被快速有效的治愈,例如,患有嚴重甲狀腺疾病的梁女士,中西藥物治療很多年都沒有好轉, 在参加閉關班后,她成功地在大师的指导下,進行了49天的全辟穀,彻底的“脫胎換骨”了。我也親眼目睹了許多減肥的案例。还目睹了許多學生的慢性高血壓、心髒病、婦女病和關節炎都被一一治愈。 同時他們也減輕了體重,明显变得更年青健康,她们都说這是練習沁康平后的意外驚喜!



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