Winning the Fight against Cancer

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Qigong healed cancer

Winning the Fight against Cancer

   Published in Kungfu Magazine, December 2000

Seven years ago I was experiencing a severe drop in my energy and strength. Because I was 58 years old at the time, I thought perhaps this is what happens when your body ages. I was not happy with the situation. I had practiced Ashtanga Yoga for many years and was a vegetarian, so I felt I should have a strong body.

It kept getting worse. Any physical exertion became more than I could handle. Diagnostic tests revealed that I had colon cancer. Surgery was scheduled and within 10 days my ascending colon was removed. The operation was successful and the process of healing was fast, although painful as my abdominal muscles had been cut.

After this experience, I decided to reduce the stress in my life and retired from business. We moved to a small coastal town on the Monterey Bay, planted a big garden and took up painting full time. It seemed my new life style was paying off. There was no reoccurrence of colon cancer during a five-year period, so I was classified at being "cured".

As a precautionary measure, I continued to have periodic blood tests to monitor my internal system. A couple of years ago, my PSA (prostate specific antigen) showed a mildly elevated reading of 4.4 (0 - 4.0 is considered a normal range). Also I started to notice my energy was getting lower and my mind wasn't as clear. When my PSA reached 4.8, I requested a biopsy to determine if any of the cells were cancerous. The test was positive. I had a new cancer -- twice in seven years. I was devastated.

My doctor said it was at an early stage, so I had the following options: 1. Do nothing and live with the cancer; 2. Have radical surgery and remove the cancer hoping for cure; 3. Have radiation therapy, external beam or seed implantation. After researching the options, it became clear to me that they were all unacceptable because too much of the healthy body was destroyed in the process.

This led me to look into alternative ways of fighting cancer. It was during this research that I was told about a very powerful Master of Qigong, recently arrived from Beijing, who offered an energized method of teaching that was very effective in healing serious illness. I contacted Qigong Master Qinyin, the founder of Qinway Qigong, and told her of my illness. She said I would benefit from the miraculous healing power of Qinway Qigong.

Cancer ReductionI attended a 24-hour Fundamental Healing Retreat conducted by Master Qinyin. Within the first day, I experienced real energy infusion. Toxins were being expelled in the form of gas and heat engulfed my whole body. I was sweating and urinating more than usual, and by the second day, my mental and physical state was more peaceful and calm. I could feel real Qi attacking the diseased area, while at the same time, radiating throughout my body. As I continued the bigu (energized fasting) after Qigong retreat, on the fourth day there was an uncontrollable discharge of dark, liquid, stinky stool. Now that my body had been flushed of toxins and real Qi was working, I felt like bamboo - strong and flexible - in harmony with the forces of nature. Within the first month of doing Qinway Qigong, my cancer has stopped growing (see the right picture for a hospital report).

I continue to practice the principles of Qinway Qigong everyday while receiving high-energy transmitted from the Qigong Master. Once a month, I complete a 3-day energized Qigong fast to clear waste and toxins from my body. This keeps the Qi continually clean and efficacious.

Now, for the first time in my life, I have knowledge of a philosophy and practice that provides me with the tools for preventing disease. Qinway Qigong has taught me that by living in accordance with one's own nature and tuning into one's biological frequency channel, health and longevity are achieved.

In the words of Qigong Master Qinyin, "It is important to persist. Let your heart always be imperturbable. This is the ultimate method of Qigong training".




“我在Apple电脑公司担任高管,但是我换上了前列腺癌,听说北京来的师父有特殊能力, 我想做你的学生”,清瘦的James说。


还有就是要非常清楚学习沁康平是修道,这里面内涵的自然康复路线与西医中医北医的路线是截然不同的, 这两条平行线是永远不会 交叉的,明白我说的意思吗?

“I know”. James回答说他很清楚这点时,表情坚定。


Within the first day, I experienced real energy infusion.

Toxins were being expelled in the form of gas and heat engulfed my whole body。


之后的James,100%认真地遵照师嘱,在家好好的做闭关辟谷作业,并反思人生。“两耳不闻窗外事”, 也不去乱试五花八门的治疗方法,非常专一刻苦。



与自然花草树木为伍的他,对生命有了更深的体验,也由于参加沁康平, 而从此把对修炼修真的思考研究列为人生日常必修课。



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