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"Incredible Benefits! We Used the Energized Products Instead of Medicine for Over 10 Years!"

- Vicky Volunteer (Dublin, CA, USA)

I was introduced to Qinway since 2004, my serious problems got healing during the unique retreat program and I got huge benefit, after then, I brought my whole family to take the powerful retreat(my children Cherlin, Alex etc). My kids got very successful results as we expected, with many miracle stories. We shall give the most credits to the miraculous energized products! During these 10 years, we never went to the hospitals. Because we always chose the energized products to heal ourselves. They are natural with powerful universal energy!

Before I had lung fire with serious skin problems. Also I was injured from a big car accident. After retreat, I kept using the energized products. The miracle happened, my skin became very clean and smooth, my leg and knee injury was healed as well. I got completely recovered! My girl Cherlin had serious allergy problems since she was born, I took her to see specialist and she had to take medicines every year. During the retreat Grandmaster specially designed Bigu homework and energized food for her. Cherlin's allergy was gone. In addition, I noticed that she could concentrate herself easily.

Since 2006 my kids and I never took any medicines. Every time when they got sick, I asked them to use energized mountain foods, Fengshui objects and drink Yin-Yang healing tea (to remove toxins from the body and add vital qi to the body). They recovered very fast through this powerful natural healing system...

After experienced many miracles at Qinway, I became a volunteer. Here I just want to share my story with more karma people that Grandmaster's energized products are powerful. It works & priceless!

After Retreat My Boy Becomes So Handsome!

Alex took the Retreat in 2009 when he was 11 years old at Ukiah of CA.

During the retreat, Grandmaster asked him:
"Why you want to take the retreat?"
"I want to lose weight." He answered and lowed his head.

In the retreat what impressed me the most was his eyes becoming so bright, and he got many special spiritual gifts from High being.

After the retreat, Grandmaster designed his daily meal for his homework. He finished Bigu homework for 108 days as well. Everyday morning he drinks energized yellow essence soup and energized mixed powder. Every night he practice sleeping qigong with Qinway music. He lost weight eveyday, but most important, he becomes so energetic, not like before he was easily to get tied and sleeps a lot.

My Bigu Experience

After the hawaii retreat in 2007, I started Bigu until now and Grandmaster was supporting me all the time. The benefit I received from Bigu is huge and too much to describe. I have many miracle stories to share with you. Why I don't want to stop Bigu. I receive universal energy directly and my body feel lighter through Bigu. Bigu not only solved my health problems and made me a stronger person, but also changed my whole life style. I can not lift 50 pounds rice at Costco when I was 27 years old, but now I can! Through Bigu I cleaned myself, in and out, and removed my attachments and starts a peaceful and simple life.

On Christmas of 2008 we went to Disney World at Florida for ten days with my friends. At the beginning I was worried about my energy level because I was doing Bigu and did not have time to practice qigong everyday during the trip. The trip was very intensive, we entered the Park at 9am and left at 9 pm everyday. I just kept using special Bigu supply and only brought 3 apples and tea for my meals. But I was not tired or hungry at all. Instead, I was energetic all the time.

Also the Retreat developed my special abilities and I can heal myself and others. Now every time my kids got sick, I used my Wuji needle and other healing techniques learned at retreat to help them. In the meantime, I asked them to drink Yin-Yang healing tea and Goji tea (Yin-Yang Tea removes toxins from the body and Goji Tea adds vital qi to the body). In last 2 years, my kids never took medicines, although they got fever or flu several times, they recovered much faster through this powerful natural healing system.

I have another story to share with you. Last November I went to my sister's home and her boy swing his golf club and hit me on my face. My left side face was swallowed and bruised very badly. Everyone suggested me to go to hospital and took X-ray picture. But I just went home, put the wet Yin-yang tea bag on my face, lay down with my Qigong music on. I took a nap and I felt less painful. Then I got up and practiced Qinway Exercises for 2 hours. The next day I spent more time to practice Qinway Exercises, and the bruise lasted for a week and finally I recovered. It's amazing!

Qinway’s techniques are so advanced that I could not understand lots of things at the very beginning. But I just followed Grandmaster's instruction. Miracle will happen as long as you follow the instruction.The key point to success is “Change your mind and follow the instruction”. You will benefit from the program and understand better and better. That is my deep experience to share with you, if you want your life to get great positive changes.

Also volunteer at Qinway helps me to grow up much faster. I learned that all of us are part of the universe, through helping others, we helped ourselves. Sometimes I am too busy and I only can sleep for five hours, but I was not tired. I recharged myself very fast, because Qinway is an energy field, universal energy surrounds me when I am working for Qinway. Doing virtue work, forgetting yourself - your disease & pain, you will become healthy and happy!

I went to Tibet with Grandmaster


GM-Vicky-Tibet Vicky Tibet
Standing at Elevation 5000 Meters

I cannot believe that I went to Tibet. Tibet became very popular since two years ago. Traveling to Tibet can be very challenger because Tibet has the highest elevation in the world. Average people will suffer high altitude sickness, because their body has no enough oxygen. That's why I didn't think I could go there based on my physical condition a few years ago. But Qinway changed my life. Through 3.2D Retreat program, our body can adjust our self automatically (that's why we are 3.2D, above normal 3D people). We want to verify that, Grandmaster and I joined the tourist group to Tibet this July.

The left picture is Grandmaster and I rode horses at Lake Namucho. Lake Namuchuo is the world's highest saltwater lake, elevation 4718 meters and the area of the lake is more than 1000 square kilometer. It means "Heaven Lake"in Tibetan. some people in our group can barely walk due to the high elevation when we arrived the lake. They have to stay on the bus and rest. This lake has very high energy and spiritual level. I had very good connection with the lake and received natural Bigu signal. The signal supported my Bigu for a week after our visit.

On our way to Lake Namucho, we had to go through a pass call Nagenla, elevation 5190 meters. We can see the Lake Namucho at the pass. The right side picture is the pass Nagenla. Even though the elevation is over 5000 meters, we are still very energetic. We always went down the bus whenever it stopped and walked around to take pictures.

My Parents took the Retreat in 2011, it happened like a miracle for me! Even I have practiced Qinway for over 3 years, it is amazing for what just happened within a month! Here is the story.

-- Vicky Bao (Dublin, CA)


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