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An Interview with Paul Fletcher
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Paul Soul TravelPaul Fletcher from Pismo Beach, CA took his first Retreat in 2005. Since then he has made much progresses in his body, mind and spirit such as quitting marijuan addiction and much enhanced spiritual awareness.

In 2006, Paul asked an artist to re-create his profound Soul Travel experience during the retreat through a large painting(right picture). Paul repeated Retreat during August 9-12, 2007 in Hawaii. On August 12, 2007 right after the retreat, we interviewed Paul for his retreat experiences and understanding.

In November 2007, after the Qinway’s previous manager disappeared, Paul came to Qinway’s office in Honolulu to inspect for a month. On January 17, 2008 he decided to move from California to Honolulu to be a full time volunteer at Qinway’s headquarter. Half year later, he found that Qinway Signal system requires deep, wide and advanced knowledge to support, and decided to be a part time volunteer to support Qinway until now.

1. Can You Briefly Introduced Yourself? (click here to watch video)

Paul: My name is Paul Fletcher. I'm 43 years old. I'm a second year student with Qinway Qigong Organization, meaning I've been with the organization twice and been to two retreat intensives. A little background on me: I've studied healing for my whole life, at least from age 20 on. And I have a four year degree from a theosophical school of religious studies. So I have a little bit of background in energy healing, energy medicine, and the different studies of religion.

2. What Is Your Main Reason to Take the First Retreat? (click here to watch video)

Paul: I attended first in October of 2005. I was on a ten-day sabbatical healing retreat for myself. I was doing a lot of fasting and healing. It was in Oceanside, California area. At the time, I believe you were in Canoga Park, CA. And I saw the advertisement that Qinway Organization had had in two different papers. I looked through a lot of advertisements. There were many hundreds of them but for some reason Master Qinyin's picture jumped out at me and spoke to me in a way where I could not ignore it. I tried to. I put the magazine down but I found her advertisement in a different magazine without looking. And again it spoke to me. So I went to her website and I researched what it was saying about the special healing abilities and I came and spoke with you, John. And through a two-hour interview process of seeing what it was about, and I went about three days later, it was actually a very short notice experience.

J: OK, so essentially what was your purpose in attending and why did you come to the Retreat?

Paul: I came for all the different features that was offered at the retreat and my own personal life reached a point where I was starting to move forward. I was tired with addictions that were in my life. I was tired of a lack of spiritual growth. I was basically needing a kick-start.

J: A kick-start. By the way, the addiction is about what?

Paul: My addiction at that time was smoking marijuana.

J: Smoking marijuana. For how many years?

Paul: Since age 20. You know, I would take a five or six year break here and there but basically it never stopped. It was, as Master Qinyin said, it was "a deep root"

J: OK. So were you able to get rid of the deep root through the retreat?

Paul: 90 percent, apparently. She says I still have some root I need to work on so I have a long bigu to do still but it will be gone.

3. Did You Have any Special Experiences at the Retreat and Wanted to Share With us?

"I Saw Heaven in Retreat!" (click here to watch video)

J: OK. So how was your experience? Could you be more specific?

Paul: As far as the soul travel itself?

J: What did you see? What did you experience?

Paul: During the soul travel, it was a very unique experience. A part of the retreat itself in which we go into a deep qigong state and Master Qinyin narrows the dimensions in which we are actually in a different dimension. And I had an amazing experience. I found myself waking up, so to speak, in a different world.

I was in a deep deep forest. It felt like the Chinese mountains, the deep mountains of China. I had a lotus pond in front of me. It was like a river kind of pond, a lot of greenery all around me. I remember hearing those birds. And I got up, and turned around, and then I saw behind me, a really old, carved into the mountain, monastery. Several layers high and old vines. It was gold, a lot of gold energy coming off it, like a lot of gold energy emanating from everywhere. It was a sight to me.

So I turned around and walked towards the monastery and I walked up three steps. They were kind of circular stone steps. And then I went down three steps. And in the middle of this small circular area was a pedestal. In this vision I was having, it was Master Qinyin. And so she bowed to me and then I bowed to her three times. And I got up and kind of walked away. I wasn't really present to what I was doing. I was just there, walking around and so I walked away, observing everything. I observed the people around. They were doing chores, things like that. They were all dressed in robes. They were all talking. It seemed like they were talking to me telepathically, almost like "Hi, hello", but they weren't talking with their mouths.

And then I walked around and then I came back. I felt a need to come back. And so I walked back to the original place where I'd seen Master Qinyin. And on that same pedestal was now Quanyin Buddha, sixteen-armed Quanyin Buddha. And I had never had an experience with a thousand armed Quanyin. I didn't know quite what to think as far as the experience. She was standing there, not as a statue, but as a live figure. And she reached out with one of her arms, I don't remember which one it was. And she held a purple sphere. This purple sphere was iridescent. It had like a light in the middle of it and it was about one-inch round. And she reached out for me to grab it and so I took it out of her hand. And I bowed to her and then I went back and sat down at the original place where I had arrived at in the soul travel. And that was the experience. When we came back, we all talked about it and it was profound. There were some people that had other experiences.

J: Yeah, that's amazing. How you met Quanyin and Master Qinyin in the soul travel was almost like another dimension.

Paul: Yeah, well it definitely wasn't this one.

"I Drew & Shared Painting!" (click here to watch video)

J: OK, thank you. We have received your painting of soul travel through e-mail. So could you explain your experience of soul travel during the Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat?

Soul Travel

Paul: Sure. My experiences of soul travel during retreat were profound. The reason why I sent the soul travel e-mail to you was because after a year of being in the retreat, after the first year, I found myself still with the image of the soul travel fresh in my head. And I really want to get it out of my head to paper.

J: That's why you wanted to get it out to share with other people. But exactly why did you want to share it with other people through a painting?

Paul: I had this painting made so that I could get it out of my head. So that I could actually see it for myself. The year that it took me to get it onto a wall, onto a canvas, I had been practicing the Qinway exercises, the qigong exercises. I had been drinking the Yin Yang Healing Tea and become much deeper connected to Quanyin Buddha, and to Master Qinyin and to Medicine Buddha as well. So I felt that there was a lot of energy and I felt that it would be very impactful to share, which was why I sent the e-mail, to let you know that this was my experience, and that I was happy to have put it on a painting on the wall and to basically let you know about it and to see if Master would be interested in blessing it.

J: What are the greatest benefits that you have received from the retreat in your body, mind, and spirit?

4. Paul Shares the Overall Huge Benefits from Retreat. (click here to watch video)

Paul: So many, so many benefits. My body is much healthier. I am told often that I don't look my age. I feel phenomenal. I've taken the Yin-Yang healing tea so the amount of intake in food has naturally diminished, a lot. A lot was changing my mind that I don't really need the food, in getting my mind wrapped around that all I really need is universal food, universal energy. The healing tea has helped tremendously. I use it on my skin as well. Spiritually, I've changed a lot. I've gotten very clear on my focus and where it is I want to be. I've gotten into a consistent practice with the qigong as it's a very easy practice, the way she has the CD set up.

My smelling has increased. That was a major difficulty at that time. My smelling was cut off, from the use of steroidal nose sprays, and that came back. That was a major physical awareness. My lungs had a tremendous amount of congestion from the years of smoking. That's completely cleared up. My sinuses have cleared up dramatically. A lot of things basically that have happened, numerous to talk about. And then one of the questions that you're going to ask me soon is what was the change in me. You know it was really important to do these three days to see where I had been two years ago. To see how much toxicity had been removed in these last couple of years and it's been amazing.

I set up a qi field in my house. And so I get to see her every day. It's been an integral part of my life since I came to the first one. It's not going to go any direction other than higher. For me it was another time to level up. I basically realize I had gone far but not as far as I want to. I want to be able to connect to higher dimensions. I want to be able to remove any of the roots of karma from past lives. I want to basically move forward and I know I need to cleanse and then redo bigu again to move to the next level. Because last time I only did 32 days and although it was beneficial to do the Yin-Yang healing tea the whole time, I'm at a level where I'm ready to move up.

5. Why do you attend the Retreat again after two years and become a repeat student? (click here to watch video)

Paul: It's amazing, the power of a second retreat. You don't really grasp what you don't know until you come around a second time. Because you can read all the materials, and you can study, you can do the qigong at home and you can do all that. But when you come back and you see everybody else the first time through, you realize just how much growth you've attained. I realize that. I realize that my toxicity is dramatically less. First time I came through, I felt very lethargic, I felt very exhausted and tired because I was processing and flushing out many, many old toxins. And the second time through it was far less painful, far more joyful, far more cleansing. I felt at one point, on Saturday, we were doing spontaneous travel, not spontaneous travel, excuse me, it was spontaneous healing. It was hardware on the second CD. And during the spontaneous healing, I felt a joy and I wish to send love to the Buddha hierarchy and Master Qinyin. And when I did that, about five seconds later, I felt a massive rush of energy run through my body. I had tears in my eyes. I couldn't move. It wouldn't go away, which was great. It was kind of like when you see dolphins in the wild, when something jumps through your heart. It was like that for a moment. So I had several connections while I was here that were profound.

6. "Experiencing Grandmaster's Unique Special Abilities!" (click here to watch video)

She can see through her third eye, those blockages that are inherent in our energetic beings, through our past lives and through all different lives. She has the unique ability to, and the karma to be able to connect to our higher selves and to those parts of us that are asking, that we wouldn't be here if we didn't look forward to this healing. She has the ability to not only find out where our blockages are but to align our energy signals to where we're moving the mud out of the way, so to speak. We're in our own way of growing forward and she basically sprays the water on the windshield and wipes it clean so you can see your path. And then she says, you know, she'll give you the path but it's up to you to follow the way.

The best way I would put it is there are many, many classes out there that one can take that all serve to satisfy the ego. This is ego-less. It has no… there's no attachment to the outcome. It's total and pure service-oriented from the perspective of: "I understand that you are loved. You don't see that. My job is to help you see that clearly by aligning your energies to what is already present." And the hierarchy that she's aligned herself to allows that to happen with a high degree of expediency. The bigu is, from my twenty years of experience, probably the most profound approach to get there. Everybody has to go through years and years and years of sacrifice and avoiding connection to all kinds of attachment. The types of teachings that she has narrowed down in a matter of several months, which would take years and years and years and years in deep mountains of China with the best sifus and the best masters. She has been able to isolate it down to we're all energetic beings and if we remove all the toxins from our body, our spirit, our mind, and our soul, then we have the opportunity to grow with a much higher degree of rapidity in a very short period of time. It's unequal to anything I've ever seen out there. And I amazed by it actually.

7. "Qinway Is Really A Perfect System!" (click here to watch video)

J: So since you have been practicing Qinway for a couple of years and took the retreat twice, maybe you can share with us your understanding of the whole Qinway system. How do you see it as a complete system?

Paul: You know, I'm really happy to give my answer on this one because I have studied a variety of healing modalities and a variety of different religious approaches. And this is definitely not a religious approach. This is very much a mechanical, scientific approach that's based on the foundation of this being an energetic universe, and all of us being vibrational energy, that being the core of it. And Master Qinyin has evolved in this evolutionary universe, in this energetic universe, to the degree where she can see all of our spiritual signals.

8. "Experiencing the Power of Yin Yang Healing Tea!" (click here to watch video)

J: Thank you. Thank you for sharing your understanding and now let me ask you a smaller question. You mentioned that Yin Yang Healing Tea has helped you so could you explain in detail what exactly… how does it help you?

Paul: Yin-Yang Healing Tea is a connection vehicle, for me anyway. It's an energetic field by which I feel I'm constantly connected. One of my biggest concerns before, my biggest dilemmas, was a connection to my higher self and to God, or whatever you want to call it out there. And Yin-Yang healing tea has kept me in a constant connection. It's very easy to feel life energy. It's very easy to feel qi energy. It's benefited my skin, my physical fitness. It's purified my systems. All of my organs are much more purified. My vision has been excellent. As you can tell, I don't really look forty-three. Sometimes I do but normally I don't and I think that's a factor. I've told other people about it and they've benefited from it. I gave it to my mom after the first retreat and she called me three days later, saying she was ice-cold. No matter how many covers she got under, no matter how high she turned up the heat, she couldn't get warm. And I explained to her that old qi was leaving her body and it was just from drinking the healing tea for a few days. So the healing tea is truly an amazing way for the human body to reconnect to the original source.

9. "It Is A Priceless Program!" (click here to watch video)

J: I can testify that you look much younger than two years ago when you just came to the retreat. The whole energy, vibrancy, the whole appearance looks so much younger. OK, let's go back to the topic of retreat. You took the retreat twice. Do you think it's expensive and how do you look at it?

Paul: Expensive is a word that is a misnomer. It's expensive, compared to what? You know, a lot of people will go out today and they'll buy a brand new car when they could pay 10,000 less and get one windshield rolled out. Why do they buy that newer car? Because they feel they deserve it. When people settle for less that's what they get and it's just an experiential thing. For me, this needed to have another zero on the end of it. Now, it would have been difficult to afford that but it was worth that. The reason I feel it's worth it is because you know, if we're looking for something like this, we're all on a path to find our higher self and find something that resonates with us. And so we go through different modalities. We check out astrology, we check out numerology, we check out Tarot cards, we check out all these different things which eventually lead us to someplace. And all of the experience that I've had in searching out different possibilities it's all towards the end of enlightenment. And enlightenment is about removing old stuff and loving yourself first and then all those around you secondly. And I have found that this particular healing technique accelerates that more than anything else. So for me, taking it a second time and the price involved, it's priceless, to be able to make it to the possibility of enlightenment in one lifetime. That's priceless.

10. "American people will be Benefited by Qinwa!" (click here to watch video)

J: OK, I agree. And how do you think this 3.2D rejuvenation retreat can have an important role for American people in this modern time?

Paul: I think that the American people are becoming much more aware. They're starting to see the veil that's been pulled over their eyes by organized religion and organized governments and various organized things that are basically designed to keep them in the dark. Much like my addiction. Much like I would watch TV to avoid doing anything beneficial for myself. Everybody has their form of addiction, their form of not connecting. And a big part of that, I believe, is because it requires diligence and work and you know, they have to do something. They have to be consistent with it. And this approach is not a shortcut. You still have to be consistent. You still have to do the work. But it clears the mud so quickly that you have the strength, that you have the tenacity, you have the connection and you have the support to actually follow through.

So for the American who is the fast-food person or the person that goes to the Sunday church once every three months to feel connected, they're missing it. And when they start waking up, they look around at what's going on. This is not based on any particular religion. This is based on scientific knowledge of purifying the systems, waking up your spine, cleaning out your organs, cleaning out your entire body, your physicalness, your spiritualness. That's what we're made of and so once somebody wakes up to the reality that we are energy and we are a body that is intoxicated by poor everything, poor food, poor air, poor energy, radio frequencies that permeate the air. In every city you can walk around with your laptop and turn it on and get a radio frequency in your laptop in the city that's permeating yourselves. So when you come to an experience like this, it literally washes all that away, rapidly enough to irregardless of what your background is as an American, you can connect to it. You can feel the love that comes through. You can feel the benefit that comes through in a very, very short period of time.

11."This Is Very Helpful for Spiritual Develop!" (click here to watch video)

J: In particular, what do you think is the importance of retreat in developing ones spirituality?

Paul: What is the importance of retreat in developing ones spiritual attitude? OK. The spiritual attitude of this retreat is all about growth and healing and releasing the old and taking self- responsibility. And this retreat, in my opinion, causes self-responsibility to occur with a great degree of awareness, with a great degree of consciousness. The experience, in terms of growing ones whole world of spirituality, is not invasive. It's very open to whatever your approach is and it says this is what we're doing to help you get to wherever it is you want to go. And you go there however you want and this is what clears the path for you go there with the greatest degree of efficiency.

J: Thank you very much.

Paul: My pleasure.

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