"Developed my Special Abilities & Healing Practice!"

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Qigong betty

"Qinway developed my special abilities and healing practice!"

Growing up in a family where holistic medicine and Natural healing was practiced, I have always been aware of what Qigong could offer.

After graduating from New England School of Acupuncture School in 1997 and opening a successful private practice in Natick, MA, I realized that Qigong would add another dimension to my healing practices. I was very fortunate to have found Grandmaster Qin of the Qinway System. After completing the certification program in July 2002, I immediately incorporated Qinway Special Abilities into my healing practice as well as instructing patients on the Qinway exercises to achieve and maintain good health. They have reported phenomenal results. Grandmaster Qin continues to transmit Qi to me and my students in every scheduled class.

The Qinway certification program is powerful, enjoyable, and easy to master. Whether you are a practitioner of alternative medicine, looking to add that other dimension to your healing program or an individual looking to become a instructor yourself, you will be amazed by the power of Qinway Program.

If your wish is to find a practical and effective certification program, Qinway is your answer.

Here are what some of my patients & students have to say.

This is a dream come true for me. I started in September, 2003 with my acupuncturist and instructor Betty Woo.I noticed immediate physical results.I had increased energy, positive attitude, patience and overall mental, physical and spiritual upliftment. However, after two weeks of doing Qinway exercises and using the Yin Yang Healing tea, I also started a Chinese Diet. As a result my back pain, knee pain and frequent urination was gone and I slept better at night.In 7 weeks I lost 30lbs and reduced my total cholesterol by 60 points, without the use of any medication!

It sounds unbelievable, but I have found my answer to whole health.-Alex

The first time I did Qinway Exercise was when I was experiencing sharp shooting pain down my left thigh.The pain was intense. After trying pain medication but only getting minor relief, I turned to Qinway Exercise.The pain disappeared after 1 Qinway Exercise session.The pain is now a part of the past. -Daniel

I have been instructing Qinway Exercise since August 02 and it is my pleasure to share the following:

Feedbacks from my Qinway Exercise student/patient:

Feeling of increased energy; weight loss; feeling of lightness; tingling sensation; floating sensation; hot sensation in areas of injury; better posture; decrease in PMS symptoms.


Qigong angel