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Real Healing! Energized Products Carry Grandmaster's Powerful Signal
Due to the pandemic, current inventory is very limited
Energized Wild Food
Immortal Mushroom

Energized Immortal Mushroom

• Rare, Wild Organic Food

• Help Marrow, Blood System

• Heal Liver, Diabetes & Tumor

Reg. Price $64 Buy Now

Healing DVD
Energized DVD kit

• Quickly Receive Energy

• Healing with Grandmaster

• Heal Chronic Diseases

• Weight balance

• Support Sound Sleep

Reg. Price $298 Now Only $98
Buy Now

Healing Tea
Yin Yang Healing Tea

• Become More Energetic

• Balance Acid & Alkaline

• Support Good Diet

• Achieve Weight Balance

• Beautify Skin

Reg. Price $28 Buy Now

Qi Field Protection
Fengshui Object

• Energized Bodhi 18 Natural Bracelet

• Spiritual Protection

• Massage Your Energy Points

• Open Energy Channels

Reg. Price $49 Buy Now

Energized Wild Food
Yellow Essence

• Energized Yellow Essence

• Strengthen Kidney Vital Qi

• Rejuvenate and Look

• Quickly
Increase Energy Level

Reg. Price $27 Buy Now

Healing Signal Food
Healing Food

• Energized Mixed Powder

• Enhance Vitality

• Nourish Five Organs

• Strengthen kidney Yang energy

• Beautify Skin

Reg. Price $36 Buy Now

Energized Wild Food
Yellow Essence

• Energized Black Mushroom

• Enhance immune system

• Prevent cancer

• Wonderful taste & fragrance

• Rich in calcium, iron and etc

Reg. Price $36 Buy Now

Qi Field Protectiom
Fengshui Object

• Connect High Being System

• Effective to Protect House

• 24-K Gold Plated with Gems

• Open Spiritual Channels

Reg. Price $298 Buy Now

Qi Field Protection
Fengshui Object

• Energized Car Fengshui

• Spiritual Protection

• Avoid Car Accident

Reg. Price $36 Buy Now

* Special Note:

1.The prices have been adjusted recently because the prices of raw material and freight have risen sharply due to the pandemic.

2. Purchase restriction for the Yin Yang healing tea: Everyone can purchase no more than two sets each month.

3. If the product is sold out, it will be replaced by another product with the same value. The products are sold "AS-IS". The free one can be different type.

4. Because energized products are initiated with spiritual energy, all sales are final.

5. All the sales are required to pay shipping fee. If forgot, please go to http://www.qinway.org/virtue-tablet.htm, use the donation button to pay.

6. If the Qinway retreat students do Bigu at home need the energized products support, you can email us to apply for the special discount price.


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