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Natural Healing . Rejuvenation . Special Abilities . Enlightenment
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功 德 丰 碑

Join Qinway Spiritual Healing Village.
The virtue energy field will bring you & your next generations double health and wisdom!


Deposit With Checks, Money Orders

Bank of America
(For details contact us)

2. By Credit Card:

Note: You can choose "0" as a specific line when in the shopping cart for make donation

3. Wire Transfer:
Contact 930@qinway.org

Virtue Tablet
(Monthly Dynamic)


Greatest Volunteer
Grandmaster Qin (over 20 years)

July 2017

Outstanding Virtue Supporter:
Vicky Bao; Shirley Kwok; Lily Zhao

Money Donation:
Choun Nyap Tan and Family $200 (Ipoh, Malaysia)

Testimony Volunteer:
John Hess (Oregon, USA)
Candyce Claybornn (CA, USA)


* Your Stable and Long Term Support Is a Huge Donation with Permanent Virtue Energy!

Holy Mission Carrys

High Being Signal to Save Karma People
Spiritual Healing Village       沁康平.养生山庄
Qinway unique spiritual system carrys holy mission & Number #1 healing & enlightenment high technology in the world. The Super Scientific Healing & Enlightenment Village, with Grandmaster High Universal Energy Infusion and further wonderful creative programs, it will produce more and more powerful healing methods; special abilities classes; rejuvenation programs; especially like new enlightenment techniques…It will be a huge contribution for the world and benefit the karma people incredibly!

It is a Great Chance to Learn More with Grandmaster &
Qinway System If You Are a Qualified Volunteer!

Becoming a Qinway retreat great student first. A great student has good karma and wisdom root so that easily be trusted and connecting to high spiritual signal system. You are most welcome to bring your deep retreat experience and join the volunteer team to receive daily spiritual signal direction and energy support. If you want to do some virtue volunteer work or you have the below required working skills/backgrounds, you may submit a resume to 930@qinway.org ASAP with pure and stable mind. However, we hope you have great retreat experience of the energy signals benefit from Qinway, so that you have better understanding.

Here are the areas Qinway current really needs:
Good writer, editor, graphic designer, publicist, great different language translator, compute or do you have a great management skill? Or Just tell us which area you can help? (to qualify the volunteer position of writer or reporter for Qinway, need to take retreat first.)

Funds to Build the Great New Style Temple Are Welcome

Donation are very welcome! To join us to build the unique village. Its your final spiritual home! This is the most valuable contribution to the world in your life!

The Qinway volunteer and donor great Virtue Tablet page on the web site is dynamic in nature & updated monthly, and long term daily virtue support names will be listed in the future Qinway wisdom Healing Temple on a huge stone tablet;

Beautiful Virtue Stories in the History Eternal Statue in Human Heart:

Ming Gong Father & Son's Statues Next to Earth Store Buddha Forever. If you visited the Jiuhua mountain’s flesh palace/temple, there are two statues father and son standing next to the Earth Store Buddha, who are they? read more very interesting stories>>

Qinway Spiritual Healing Village Is Your Final Home, Join Us!

Virtue Certificate

Qigong angel