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After Retreat I don't need take Chinese Herbs But Feel Good!
--Dr. Steven Ginsberg .Ac., OMD.

Qigong Dr. Steven What is Qigong and how does it relate to healing or to one's health? Qi means energy. Gong means to work with these energies and to train the energy. So when one has much qi or energy then one's health will be good. Qigong cures diseases, prevents diseases, strengthens the body, makes one feel younger and makes one live longer.

Qigong has three compartments to it. There is medical qigong, qigong for one's health and martial arts qigong. They all intersect each other. We will be discussing medical qigong and qigong for health. There are many styles and techniques in qigong, but I will be discussing the fasting and detoxification technique in Qinway Qigong. Qi travels through the meridians, which are pathways connecting to the organs in the body. When there is a problem in the body there is a blockage of the energy in the meridian and in the organ.
The problem begins when we take toxic material into our bodies by bad diet, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, polluted air or just too much stress to our nervous system.

How does Qinway Qigong help our bodies? This technique of fasting and detoxification moves the diseased qi out of the body through qigong exercise, fasting and detoxification in the form of feces, urine, sweat etc. When one has a disease component the qi is blocked and the disease backs up into an organ system. It is like putting a dam on a river to block its free flow. The Qinway Qigong technique opens the dam and lets the qi and blood flow so the toxicity can get out of the body.

Personally, I had hypertension, and chest pain occasionally. I was taking Chinese herbs for 3 years and no western medicine. The Chinese herbs kept the hypertension and chest pain in check but I still had to take something everyday, When I came in contact with Qinway Qigong. I did the Qigong fasting detoxification for 9 days. The hypertension and chest pain disappeared, and I lost about 8-10 lbs. Three months later I was still not taking any Chinese herbs and my hypertension was good. I did another 6 day Qigong fasting detoxification while working 2 jobs everyday. I lost another 10 lbs. Because I could do Chinese medicine diagnosis by pulse taking, and tongue examination, I could see and feel my heart and liver being healed by Qigong. I have had chronic liver problems for over 20 years because of having hepatitis A and malaria. In the past, I felt my liver was not metabolizing food correctly, and I became very sensitive to foods. For example, if I drank a glass of wine I could feel the effects for 3 days. Now, I feel about 20 years younger, my liver and heart have changed dramatically (upper left picture, before practicing Qinway Qigong; upper right picture, after practicing Qinway Qigong).

As a doctor of Chinese Medicine, I have observed and personally experienced the effectiveness of Qinway techniques to detoxify the body of disease and to give a more youthful look to people. It is also amazing at the speed that the disease process is able to reverse itself and to rid itself of these toxins. This is truly an effective technique for ridding human beings of a disease process and to feel younger and healthy.


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