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A. Questions & Answer

1. What is Bigu?
Bigu is a special Daoist technique using universal energy to replace regular food. The great result is being too Qi (Energy) filled to eat and don't feel hungry, in the mean time the body organ gets rested, repaired and achieved fundamental healing and rejuvenation. In Qinway ten years history ninety nine percent of retreat students response with no feeling of hungry during bigu.

It is based on the precondition of opening up the channels between the human being and the universe. This ancient technique for rejuvenation, longevity and immortalized used to take more than 10 years of diligent practice to achieve.

With Qinway’s streamlined system and Grandmaster Qin’s unique ability to open students’ channels and give them individual signal support and directions, almost everyone, regardless of age, health or prior training, can start Bigu immediately.

Supported by universal energy during Bigu, you can achieve fundamental healing & rejuvenation while feeling energetic and not hungry. Therefore, Bigu is distinctively different from ordinary fasting, which may be dangerous. Bigu doesn't’t mean “not eating”, but rather eating “signal healing food”.

2. What is Qigong?
"Qi" means energy, and "gong" means to let this energy work for your body to achieve excellent conditions. It is an ancient Chinese health & longevity science that works with movements and meditation. We are all made of and originate from source energy. This energy practice can be harnessed and utilized to produce all forms of healing miracles. Correctly practiced Qigong incorporates the natural opening of the body's energy meridians. When these innate energy channels are opened and invigorated more of our creator's source energy can permeate our bodies.

3. Who is going to teach this Magnetic Certification Retreat?
Grandmaster Qin will teach this Retreat herself. Also the retreat is a small class, less than ten students. Many other versions of Qigong are not taught by grandmaster's directly, and it is difficult for individual students to receive guidance in moving from 3 dimension to higher dimensions on the Heavenly Ladder step by step. Because everyone has a very different personal signal and body/mind/spirit situation, most people need master's individual and long term directions, which is an emphasis of Qinway.

4. What is this Magnetic Retreat Program?
The retreat program has two phases: (1) 4 days of furnace retreat and (2) 108 days (or individual healing number) of Bigu at home. The phase 1 is the 4 days retreat: you will experience opening channels and receiving an "energy ball" and lots of treasures from Grandmaster. Phase 2: you will go back to home and finish 108 days (or individual healing number) of Bigu, to build good foundation for you to heal your diseases. After you finishing the phase 1 and 2 of the program, you can do Bigu regularly to keep this good foundation.

5. Why do I need to attend this unique magnetic Retreat?
Qinway Retreat is by far the most complete and powerful natural healing system. During the retreat, it opens 100% of your energy channels and connects you to the universal high energy, also you will learn the most unique and advanced techniques for detoxification and rejuvenation. The high energy (vital Qi) you received from the universe will attack your disease and blockage areas, effectively remove the bad qi from your body, therefore, heals and prevents diseases while rejuvenating and beautifying. It is a lifetime insurance of natural healing without side effects.

This Retreat is instrumental in developing wisdom, special abilities and spiritual awakening. During the retreat program you will develop special abilities for healing and become certified Qinway Recharge Qigong Teacher, so you have the opportunity to start Qigong healing career.

6. I have health problems. Can I get healing from the retreat?
The major benefit of the retreat is fundamental healing of different diseases such as hypertension, obesity, and serious chronic diseases. It can also recharge one's energy very quickly. Grandmaster will check your biological field and give you individual healing homework.

7. How can I learn enough to teach Qigong effectively in such a short time?
The Magnetic Certification Retreat is a closed high-energy Qi furnace that facilitates positive biochemical transformation quickly. In this rigorous Qigong program, through opening channels, signal transmission, and sudden understanding, you can become a highly qualified Qigong instructor in a short time.

8. If I don't have any prior practice or my health is not perfect, may I still attend this Retreat?
Yes. During the 72 hour Qigong Retreat, your detoxification and energy infusion happens rapidly. Your body will become lighter and more energetic when toxins and blockages are removed. This process simultaneously increases your magnetism and opens special ability and wisdom channels. In this way, profound healing, special abilities, certification and awakening are accomplished at the same time.

9. I already have training in different qigong styles. How can this Retreat further benefit me?
The three major components of this Qigong program are all unique and valuable tools. With the bigu, opening special abilities and wisdom channels, you will gain a profound understanding of your true self and a road map to step-by-step enlightenment.

10. Does Qinway Institute offer remote supports for its Certified Instructors?
You may ask for invisible remote supports from Qinway Institute. Please provide the date, time, location of your workshop and registration forms each students in advance to receive remote energy supports.

11. What kind of preparations are needed for this Retreat?
Once you register (submitting registration forms and fee), you enter a high-energy signal field while Qigong Master Qin starts individual spiritual preparation for you. At that point it is best to start paying attention to your diet and having a clean information field. During the program,Qinway Institute will provide you with room and board in a peaceful and highly energized environment.

12. What language will this Retreat be conducted in?
This Qigong retreat will be conducted in English, although Grandmaster Qin is also fluent in Chinese (mandarin). Our students come from all over the world, including Asian, Continental Europe and South America. Many of them do not speak English only as their second language, which have never prevented them from becoming high performing students. Above all, the transmission of healing signals through "universal language" is more important and fundamental, and the Qinway System is profound yet simple.

13. What Are Energized Healing Food & Energized Fengshui Objects?
The energized healing food is saturated with the spiritual lights and energy from the Wuji Dimension. Grandmaster energized the regular food to match and adjust each student’s frequency & problems and let it to be a vehicle to carry the healing signals. So the energy wave can work at your disease area in your body. Especially for the new students, just like a newborn baby, the energized healing food can stabilize your system and help you smoothly go through the “vital qi attack the disease area”. The energized food is similar to the prescription you get from the doctor but without any side effects.

Our health is directly related to the Fengshui or Qi field. Many diseases are related to bad Qi and bad Fengshui. Energized fengshui objects are used for self protection or fengshui arrangement. They can improve your home's Qi field fundamentally, and uplift and purify your Qi field. During the retreat, Grandmaster is channeling the high universal energy and your individual signal into the energized objects to protect your biological qi field and your house, when you carry or use them. So the energized objects are very important for you to use to pass the difficult times.

14. Does Qinway conflict with other versions of Qigong?
Since no exercises in Qinway relate directly to meridians, it will not produce adverse effects if you practice it along with other versions of Qigong at the same time. However, since you have already learned one of the most advanced versions of Chinese internal Qigong, there is no need for you to "attend elementary school after graduating from college".

15. What if I am a person that cannot easily quiet down? Is it possible to practice Qinway improperly and adversely affect my health?
Qinway contains a number of practices that help people to quiet down and deepen their meditation, such as "one thought in place of ten thousand thoughts", "one exercise in place of ten thousand thoughts", "arranging a strong Qi field", "pushing bad Qi down into the earth", "pyramid distribution of Qi". With these designs, Qigong exercises in qinway are still effective even if your thoughts wander or your emotions fluctuate. Doing Qinway therefore will not have any adverse effects.

16. Does the practice of Qinway conflict with any religion?
Qinway is based on the exploration and practice of ultimate universal truth. It is not connected with any religious activity. It contains various types of religious insights and looks at them scientifically. Therefore,Qinway not only does not conflict with any religion, but it can lead people with different religious beliefs to deepen and broaden their understanding.

17. Why the retreat program can heal chronic diseases and even cancer?
Our regular food, including vitamins and other nutritious supplements, supports our bodies but also supports the cancer. The universal energy can kill the cancer cells and cancer is afraid of the universal energy. The Bigu homework along with lots of treasures you learned from the furnace retreat can heal the cancer.

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B. Knowledge You Shall Learn

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