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Qinway Turns to Second Ten Year Holy Mission to Establish a
Scientific Enlightenment Temple

Qinway's first ten year healing mision has been very successfully (success stories). Now Qinway formally turns to second ten year spiritual mission to establish a Scientific Enlightenment Temple.

Therefore, Qinway hopes get karmic students & people's help to establish a Board of Executive Trustees to oversee the operation of the non-profit
Qinway Grandmaster Foundation
, and fulfill its holy mission to benefit as many human beings as possible through powerful Qinway energized products, and establish a Scientific Enlightenment Temple.

Paul Fletcher, a repeat retreat student with deep experiences, has been appointed by Grandmaster Qinyin as the new chair of Board of Executive Trustees.

Join Board of Executive Trustees

Besides huge unlimited virtue of realizing the great vision of building a Scientific Enlightenment Temple to benefit humanity for generations to come (especially your own offsprings), the Board of Executive Trustees is also in charge of the important task to keep offering great chance to people to experience miracle products.

Great Benefits for honorable Executive Trustees include:

Discounts of Qinway energized products, an opportunity to deepen your understanding and experiences with the profound Qinway System while fundamentally healing and helping others, accumulation of great virtue, and an accelerated process to enlightenment.

Grandmaster is planning to donate the most valuable energized products to the Board of Executive Trustees.

She will keep supporting the energized signal system for the products.

She will keep sending the strong healing purifying signal to Retreat students who want to do monthly Bigu.

Grandmaster will be back to double check to see if the karmic condition (desire and appreciation) for the retreat >>

Qinway's holy mission needs your support!

This is your Great chance to become an Executive Board member or virtue member. Join the the First Executive Virtue Board Meeting, also it might be the last chance to meet Grandmaster, so apply NOW!

Apply NOW through 930@qinway.org to join the first historic meeting!
Please include a resume, and all relevant info, which you wish to bring to our attention that we know your strong areas.

>> More Important Information about
Qinway Board of Executive Trustees

Goji Energy Tea

We are thrilled to announce that the much-awaited Organic Goji Energy Tea has just arrived!

Highlights of this unique new product:

* Organic Goji leaves, fruits & roots from the pristine Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

* Much more nutricious than Goji berry or juice, yet a lot cheaper!

* Infused with universal high energy by renowned Qigong Grandmaster Qinyin

* Great rejuvenation and healing effects with a delicious taste

* Retail only $7.98/box, and wholesale at $4.98/box starting from only 48 boxes

More info & order Goji Energy Tea online


Great Value Wholesale Prices
Starting from Low Quantity!

qigong healing tea

Wholesale only $9/set starting
from 24 sets! Each set includes
one Yin box and one Yang box.

Goji Energy Tea

Wholesale only $4.98/box
starting from 48 boxes!

Most products 70% off by 3/26!

To celebrate the holiday seasons, most Qinway energized products will be 70% off by Chinese New Year!

These unique "miracle products" infused with universal high energy by Grandmaster Qinyin have created many healing miracles among their users.

70% off

Quanyin Statue

70% off:

All other energized objects,

natural healing supplements


New Energized Objects!


  V a l u e   P a c k a g e s   f o r   G r e a t e s t   B e n e f i t s
* Powerful Products
* Instant Connect: 3-in-1 Furnace
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Enlightenment Lotus

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