How Steve Met A True Master

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True Qigong Master

Steve Met A True Master

When Steve G. was referred to the Qinway Center in Fremont California through his friend Xiaoru in 1998, the first thing he told Grandmaster Qin was,

"Do you know that I'm a senior acupuncturist from Santa Cruz. I have been doing spiritual practice for almost 30 years. I have been to over 100 countries, and go to India and Tibet every year¡­"

Grandmaster Qin said, "Good!"

Steve said, "I heard that you could scan people's internal organs. Could you take a look at me?"

Grandmaster said, "Do you want me to tell the truth or not?"

Steve replied, "Of course I want to hear the truth!"

Grandmaster said, "Nothing serious. Just your internal organs are too dirty and older than you actual age of 50. Also your spiritual root is still shaky and not deep-rooted."

Steve was very surprised, "Why?"

Grandmaster continued to explain, "Your kidney Qi is pretty weak, which results in sparse hair, loosen teeth, and hearing difficulty. Your body is overweight with a belly indicating much "mixed stuffs" inside. Your age is not old, but you already look weak. Your spiritual root is still shaky, and you haven't achieved real understanding. Therefore, although you said you've been on the spiritual path for almost three decades, you haven't gotten real benefits in your body, mind and spirit."

Steve nodded his head and agreed. He admitted that he had a history of addiction to drug and alcohol, and has been searching for a true master without success.

Therefore, Steve G. decided to attend a Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat by Grandmaster Qin in 1998 held in Fremont, California.

Now almost 10 years later, he has not stopped practicing this advanced retreat program!

His friends often praise him: You not only looked ten years younger in your appearance, you also became much more spiritual and connected!

Just today, Qinway Grandmaster Foundation received another order from Steve: I wish to get bigu supplies initiated by Grandmaster Qin!

September 11, 2007



    1999Ä꣬Mr.Steve G½›ŒW†TСÈã½é½Bíµ½ÔÚ±±¼ÓÖݵÄFremont£¬®”•rµÄÇß¿µÆ½QinwayÖÐÐÄ¡£ËûßMéTµÚÒ»¾äÔ’¼´Õf£ºÖªµÀ†á£¿ÎÒÊÇһλÙYÉîÖÐátŽŸÔÚSata Cruz £¬ÎÒÒѽ›ì`ÐÞÁË30¶àÄ꣬K×ß±éÁË100¶à‚€‡ø¼Ò£¬ÎÒÿÄ궼ȥӡ¶ÈºÍÎ÷²Ø¡­³¯Â}µÄ¡£

Grand MasterÕf£º"Good£¡"

Steve GÕf£º" ÕfÄúÄ܉ò¿´ÈËówµÄƒÈ›r£¡ÄÜŽÍÎÒ¿´Ò»Ï†᣿"

Grand MasterÕf£º"ÄãÒªÎÒÕfÕæԒ߀ÊǼÙÔ’£¿"

Steve GÕf£º"ÎÒҪ ÕæÔ’£¡"

Grand MasterÕf£º›]ʲüN,Ö»ÊǃȲ¿Ì«óv¡¢Æ÷¹ÙÀÏ»¯ßh³¬ß^ÄãµÄŒëHÄêýg50šq£¬¶øÇÒì`¸ùšï“uδ¼™É

Steve G´ó³ÔÒ»ó@Ë솖£ºžéºÎ£¿

Grand MasterÒ»Ò»Îöí£º

ÄãµÄÄIšâºÜË¥Œ§ÖÂî^óŒÏ¡Êè¡¢ÑÀýXó “u¡¢Â Á¦À§ëy£»

ÄãµÄÉíówÌ“¸¡´ó¸¹±ã±ãï@ʾÑeÃæÓкܶàësÙ|£¬Òò´Ë³Ê¬FδÀÏÏÈË¥ î›r£»


    Steve GücÁËücî^ÕJ¿ÉÁË¡£Ëû³ÐÕJ£¬ËûÔø½›ºÜ·Å¿v×Ô¼º£¬ÓÐÎü¶¾ºÍÐï¾Æ³É°aµÄ•ÑÊ·£¬ËûÒ»Ö±Œ¤ÕÒÕæÕýµÄ´óŽŸ¶¼›]Óгɹ¦¡£ÓÚÊÇ£¬Steve G®”¼´›Q¶¨…¢¼ÓÇßÒô´óŽŸ1998ÄêÔÚ¼ÓÀû¸£Ä၆ÖÝ·ðÀûÃɵÄé]êP°à¡£

    ÖÁ½ñÒѽ›13‚€Äêî^ÁË£¬Ëû¶¼›]Óзŗ‰ß^ˆÔ³ÖÐÞ¾šÇß¿µÆ½¼¼ÐgµÄ¸ß¼‰é]êPí—Ä¿£¡ÓÈÆäÊǶ¨ÆÚ×öÇßµ¤Äܱٹȡ£½ñÌ죬 ÎÒ‚ƒÓÖÊÕµ½ÁËËûµÄÒ»·ÝÒªÇó¼Ä±Ù¹ÈÄÜÁ¿Ö§³ÖÆ·ÅcÕˆÇó´óŽŸßh³ÌÄÜÁ¿ÐÅÌ–Ö§³ÖµÄÓ††Î£¬±íʾÖøËûÓÖÒªé_ʼÐÂһ݆µÄÇßµ¤ÄܱٹÈÐÞŸ’¡£



дÓÚ9, 11, 2007



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