Some Remarkable Improvements

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Some Remarkable Improvements


- Mayra's True Report 来自Mayra的真实报告

Deciding to go to the retreat, was a big decision for me. The first time, I arrived at the retreat unemployed, full of mental, physical and emotional stress. I used the last of my money to go to the retreat. Somehow, after the retreat, I managed to do 108 days of Bigu and I have extended it. Bigu has not been all glory. There have been many challenges, but I have seen some immediate benefits. The first being, that my eyes sparkle more. The look in my eyes is much happier. After a month of Bigu, I noticed that the relationships around me had begun to change. Family members and people who did not care much for me, began to talk more to me and we were able to talk without arguing. Strangers were also drawn to just come up and talk to me.

People have even commented that I seem more calm and that there is a surprise for me. And when I was confronted with stressful situations, I was surprised that I was unable to cry. So I just decided that I should change my mind and view the situation in a different perspective. My mind has also become more calm. My wandering thoughts are less and I do not feel as stressed as before. Plus my hair does not fall out as much. Another change is that now I love fruits that I could not stand before and I can eat and drink things out of the fridge. Whereas before, I could not stand to drink something cold. Now I have to remind myself that it is not good for me because I do not feel it to be cold.

Many times when I felt challenged or discouraged during Bigu, I would remind myself to let.Obviously I was not happy with and should therefore stop trying to do things.

During my first 108 days of Bigu, I began to feel that I was acquiring a much deeper understanding of life and I see and understand things in a different light than I did before. I began to feel that I was truly beginning to appreciate and love myself even much more than I did before. I began to feel like I could really be myself. I even got a part time job working in an area I never would have dreamed of. I am happy to have a job again and to be bringing in some income.

And so I decided again to use all of my money to go to a second retreat. What a difference it was from the first time. I was much more calm and happy than I was going to the retreat the first time. I was amused by the fact that some of the material and discussions seemed new to me, even though I clearly remembered seeing and hearing them before. I now had a greater understanding. I was also very excited to be experiencing new and interesting things during the exercises. I even understood how I created some of the challenges I faced during my first 108 days of Bigu. Now I wish to continue another 108 days of Bigu or more if possible. I continue to see more exciting changes in my life and can help to be a bit anxious about what new changes I will see. All the time remembering, that if I want big changes, then I must do my part as well. I am thankful for all of those who have helped me along my journey with their words of encouragement and advice. I send blessings and my wish of a successful Bigu to my classmates. Keep going!!! =)

- Mayra O (Fresno, CA)


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