Volunteer with Qinway Make Me Feel Less Stress

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Amazing! Volunteering at Qinway Made My Life Less Stressful!
- a web designer & computer programmer at CA



Before 2005, I was not much of a Qigong believer. I was a visual person, and Qigong was a very abstract thing for me. Life had been good for me. I did well in school and worked for Hewlett & Packard as a Software Engineer after college.

The year of 2005 changed my belief about Qigong. I was laid-off by HP, and my father passed away two weeks after I got the pink slip. My personal health was not doing well with some serious problems including skin, urination and etc. Finally, I had some quite time to reflect about my life. My choice was to continue to look for another corporate job or look for a different direction in my life.

During that time, Qinway Institute was offering a trip to be held in China. My mother suggested I go with her. She told me about many benefits and support she had already received since she becoming a Qinway student. Although My mother speaks limited English, thanks to Qinway, she is operating a very sucessful healing business, and insist that she could never achieved this without Qinway energy system. She metioned that by participating I would receive a guiding force to support me through the dark and brighten moments in my life. I agreed and went to China with her.

This was an eye-opening experience for me. During the two weeks with Grandmaster and her group, we visited many spiritual places including the birthplace of Guanyin at Puto Mountain, we also had the opportunity to speak with many other grandmasters in the temple and ask them questions. I realized that Qigong is a integral of Chinese history and has existed for thousands of years. It is far more than anther form of exercise - it is a complete system.

In January of 2006 I attended the retreat. There I had a very good experience and learned many things. During the retreat, Grandmaster consulted with me about my own personal healing system, "Things will get worse before they can improve", the toxic element in my system must surface and go away before I can heal. Grandmaster told me that I should keep practicing Qinway Exercise daily and she was totally correct. During the last three years, I had experienced dark moments with my health,my personal and my professional life. However, I have never stop practicing Qinway and have received very strong support signals. The result is that I was able to find a good job. My overall health has improved significantly, and my skin has improved tremendously. It is much more smoother now. I looked younger which is great!

Im my professional life, I also used the signal as a guide to learn new skills and techniques to provide solutions for mt work. Gradually things having been impoved all around. I am now a web/graphic designer/computer programmer. I am able to developed creative solutions and complex applications, and it amazed me that these signals are always accute. Due to the support from Qinway, I feel a lot less stress at work and life in general.(unlike at HP, although I had five good years, I was constantly stressed over lay-offs.) I feel my channels are just beginning to open now I am look forward to more wonderful results.

I know my volunteer at Qinway, life will be very positive experience for me. Thanks for Grandmaster to support my Bigu homework for years.

Lily L (Fresno, CA)


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