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Qigong  BuddhaQuanyin, the Goddess of Mercy

Guanyin has been popular among ordinary worshipers for the belief that the buddha is able to save people from poverty, disease and sorrow. The Chinese bodhisattva (Buddhistic prophet) to whom childless women turn for help. He manifests himself in any conceivable form wherever a being needs his help, especially when someone is menaced by water, demons, fire, or sword.

Guanyin is one of the four great bodishattvas of Buddhism. Guanyin is a savior and deliverer, a sea goddess prayed to by sailors in a storm, the bestower of children and the idealization of all that is considered gentle, graceful and compassionate in women. Guanyin has a profound influence on traditional Chinese culture. According to a Buddhist sutra, whenever those in distress murmur Guanyin's name, the Goddess will never fail to come to their rescue. That's why Guanyin is also known as the 'Goddess of Great Mercy'.  Avalokiteshvara is the spiritual son/daughter of Amitabha Buddha and serves as his "right-hand man." 

Founder Qin's Karma with Quanyin Buddha

Founder Qin received authentic training at Sacred Mt. Puto, one of the four Buddhist holy mountains in China, where it is said Quanyin achieved enlightenment.

Master Qin's lineage as a disciple flows directly from Quanyin Buddha and other immortal Daoist Qigong masters.

As Qinway students all know, many exercises in the Qinway Qigong System directly come from the Quanyin Tradition.

Furthermore, Quanyin Buddha is the primary higher being that the Qinway System connects to.

One of Qinway's missions from Quanyin Buddha is to apply Quanyin knowledge and Qigong techniques, in particular Qinway Qigong, to uplift the mind/body/spirit of people living in today's world and to train Qigong instructors and Qigong healers in the Quanyin tradition.

What Does "Qinway" Mean?

The word "Qinway" in "Qinway" means the "Way of Qin".

In Chinese, the character "Qin" consists of two parts with "water" on the left and "heart" (fire) on the right.

So the whole character symbolizes "water-fire balance" or Yin Yang balance.

It is also an important bagua symbol (eight trigrams) where the water trigram and the fire trigram mingle together.

The literal meaning of "Qin" is "to nourish with pure water or fragrance".

Founder Qinyin's name was thus given by her mentor Abbess Huikong at Sacred Mt. Puto (related to Quanyin Buddha).

The second part "yin" means "sound" (the same as the "yin" in "Quanyin").

Therefore, "Qinyin" means to "use the sound of truth to nourish the public's mind and spirit".

In this way, Abbess Huikong made it clear that Founder Qin has a mission.


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