I used to have very severe diabetes, and I had to take medicine to maintain a normal life. But even if I took my medication, I would still suffer from low blood sugar, suddenly feeling dizzy, cold, and sweaty. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. When I participated in the retreat class, I didn't bring the medicine. During the few days of the retreat, I hardly ate, but I did not have any adverse reactions, and I was full of energy every day.


After the retreat:

Jan 3, 2022 report:  I have been on Bigu for 17 days. I haven't taken any medicine, and I usually eat very little. Due to the busy work, I have less sleep time, but I receive a lot of energy every day, and my daily life has not been affected at all. The last time I played soccer, I only slept about two hours the night before, but I ran 8.3 miles during the game. I am very grateful to Grandmaster. I have gained a lot of benefits from this retreat.


Feb 9, 2022 report: I saw Master today and updated her: I have been high-energy Bigu for nearly two months. I still eat very little, but my energy is very high. Before I left, I received a strong energy signal from Master again. 


My son convinced me to attend the retreat, but I still had some doubts, so I took extra doses of my high blood pressure medicine before coming to the retreat. When I'm excited, my blood pressure can soar to 200, even if I am on my medication, so I am constantly worried about my high blood pressure. I have also had severe insomnia for many years, I can't fall asleep at night, and I often stay awake from 2 to 5 in the morning.


Honestly, I didn't have too many expectations for the retreat, but I was so excited when I saw miraculous results by the 3rd day. My high blood pressure went down without any medication, and I had an incredible deep night's sleep. Seeing the results, my husband and I decided to do the 108 days of Bigu to lay a solid foundation for our health. Thank you so much for helping our family!


I have severe hypoglycemia, and if I don't eat for a few hours, I may pass out, so I have to bring candy with me every time I go out. I attended the retreat with my wife, Liyan, and I heard that I could only eat a small number of nuts and fruits during the retreat. I felt that my low blood sugar could not handle it, so I brought some candy to the retreat class. But after two days in the retreat, I was surprised to feel very energetic despite eating very little. In the end, I didn't touch a single candy in my suitcase until I left the retreat.

After the retreat:

After doing Bigu for more than ten days, we have not encountered any problems. We still ate very little, but the body didn't feel any hunger; instead, it was full of energy, and I no longer had to worry about fainting when I went out.

Coming to the retreat, I felt like an old, unmaintained car. I was so afraid of looking in the mirror and seeing the wrinkles on my face. But after three days in the retreat, I received a lot of energy, and I could see my youth returning.

After the retreat:

After 11 days of Bigu, I have seen miraculous results. I have already lost 10 pounds, my face looks younger, my waist is thinner, and I can see that my efforts were not in vain. What's more, to complete the homework assigned by Grandmaster, my husband and I changed our previous habit of sleeping late and waking up late. Now, we wake up to do the exercises and go about the rest of the day full of energy. I retired in 2019, but my life still seemed busy, but after attending the retreat, I no longer have to prepare three meals a day, the pace of my life has slowed down, and I finally feel like I have entered a peaceful retirement. I hope never to see a doctor for the rest of my life and heal myself instead. I am so glad I returned to the big warm family Qinway.


I feel like Qinway changed my whole life. Before the retreat, Grandmaster assigned me a special homework to read the Daodejing(道德经) 99 times. It is tough to accomplish in just a few days, which occupied most of my time. But I did it, the whole process uplifted my understanding of Daodejing more profoundly, and now I refer to Daodejing as a standard to see the world and people around me. Thank you, Grandmaster.

It surprised me how I could endure several days of Bigu without feeling much hunger. There was so much energy infused into my body without the food I was used to. There are a lot of new concepts for me, and This is an entirely new experience for me! I feel like a baby learning about this new journey.

After the retreat:

Before the retreat, I knew I was going to Bigu, and I ate quite a few holiday meals in advance, so my weight went up to 143, while I am usually around 135 pounds. After being in the Bigu program for about 20 days, my weight has down to 127, which is the lightest of my adult life. And I don't feel tired at all. As an engineer, I am treating this as a scientific experiment, and I log my daily routine, food intake, weight, etc.

Another experience I would like to share happened after the retreat ended. We had to drive back from the Bay Area at midnight because I had a meeting in LA at 10 am the following day. It was an 8-hour trip, and I only rested a little at the charging stops along the way. After arriving home around 7:30 in the morning, I practiced the Sleeping Qigong for 30 minutes, then went about my day feeling very energized. The meeting I hosted that day was the best meeting to date.

There was a noticeable increase in energy because my body is usually colder, but I felt very warm and calm during the retreat. After going home and doing more exercises, the feeling just got stronger and stronger.


I used to have palpitations issues. My heartbeat was very low, about mid-forties. Amazingly, coming out of the retreat, I woke up one morning feeling warm. Subconsciously touching my palms, I realized that my pulse went up and became stronger. Before I had seen both Chinese and Western doctors, they both said my pulse was feeble. The Western doctor wanted me to take Western medicine, but I refused. I tried Chinese acupuncture and other methods and medication, but it never really made a difference. But coming out of the retreat, my pulse went up and has stayed up ever since then.

I am so grateful that I came to this retreat. I was very nervous the first night, and I barely slept. The second day I was astonished with how much energy I had. I sat in the classroom. The energy was so much, coming into my throat, my mouth. My head was trembling, and my teeth were chattering, and it even felt like I was gargling. The body was just full of energy.


During the foot bath, I felt bubbling in my feet (bubbling spring point). It was very soft, and the toxins were coming out in a very gentle movement. It felt like something trickling out of my feet. At the same time, there was intense pain in my back. I just sat through it, and something came to me: I need to be able to sit through the pain, it's not just going to go away, it's not just going to be a magical "pain go away." So, I am going to sit through it. I will feel every bit of it down to the very last sensation.

During this retreat, I felt much more sensitive than before. I could feel the intensity of the energy in the room, and my third eye area tingled constantly. I felt very calm and at peace during the retreat and my usual wandering thoughts and worries just melted away.


When I was seven, I attended my first retreat and have now been with Qinway for over ten years. I can't imagine what my life would be without Qinway. My body used to be very weak, with many allergies and health issues. But over the years, after attending the retreats and doing the Bigu program, I feel healthier, more beautiful, and more confident. Qinway has given me much more than just physical health. Through these programs, I have also received spiritual growth and mental support. I am very grateful for all the love and energy that Grandmaster has sent me all these years.

I am a new student at Qinway, but I feel like I had great connections during the Retreat. When I was receiving the Wuji Needle, I felt a very cold pulsation. I also felt the good effects of Bigu. When I first came, I felt tired, but after two days at the retreat, there is no such thing as fatigue at all. I felt very much at peace, and I didn’t feel hungry. I feel very energized, much better than when I first arrived.

I have participated in many retreats since 2005, and this retreat has been the most profound. I really felt the power of the three Higher Being Systems, and I received a lot of energy. Especially when receiving the sun energy ball, my hands are usually very afraid of the cold and it was very windy that day, but I felt very warm in my hands.

I felt very powerful energy during this Retreat. I had great connections with nature, the energy from the Sun was like a laser shot, it went through all of my organs. When connecting with the trees, I felt the first tree taking a lot of bad Chi away from my body, I was so thankful. During the soul travel, I saw purple, yellow, green, white, and orange colors, the colors were sparkling a little bit. On the last day of the Retreat, I felt great, my hips, my shoulder, my eyes all felt so much better.

I am very grateful to Grandmaster for her high energy and support during the Retreat. I didn’t feel hungry during the Bigu, and I felt more energetic even though I was barely eating. The Bigu, the special abilities, and energized exercises all make this a unique experience. I look forward to the next Retreat, as well as continuous improvement and learning after the Retreat.

My most profound experience during the Retreat was my connection with the tree, there was an intense feeling of love, and I felt so much love it brought me to tears.

I am an engineer, 14 years ago I had a very busy and challenging time. I was blown up to close to 100 kg, and after I came to the retreat and did Bigu homework I went down to 68 kg. Really amazing how my health could recover again. Now coming here to attend this retreat, I still have the similar issues, a lot of toxins in the body, a lot of weight. Today is the third day of the retreat. I am doing quite well, a lot of bowel movements, and I have already lost 5 pounds. I feel like the toxins are going out and the body is getting lighter and the energy is coming back.

I had a great detoxification and Qi attack disease area during the Retreat. My shoulder and neck hurt so much that I would wake up during the night, and when I was doing the exercises my foot would cramp a little. The original pain area disappeared after practicing sleeping qigong for a few minutes. I slept well through the night, better than I slept at home. On the third night, there was no pain at all.

My body felt good and I slept well. Because I usually work on computers, so my shoulders and necks are very tight. After these few days of retreats, I felt that those very tight parts had relaxed a lot.


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More Photos from the Retreat

Students were learning advanced Qigong methods.  


Students practice Qigong diligently.


Grandmaster corrects students' Qigong movements.


Students practice healing techniques.


Students are receiving tremendous energy from the sun.


Grandmaster gave the key points of Walking Qigong.