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Aug. 2007   Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat

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1. Technical Procedure of Energy Infusion and Detoxification

Qigong complete health


2. Paul's Life-Changing Story:

Qigong Interview
Video 1: Who is paul? Paul Fletcher
introduced himself & background.
Video 2: Amazing Soul Travel
in higher Dimensions ("Heavenly picture")
Video 3: "Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat" is priceless. "Expensive" is a misnomer.

When 41-year-old Paul Fletcher picked up a spiritual magazine and saw Grandmaster Qinyin's program "Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2-D Retreat" in October 2005 in California, he had been struggling with his marijuana addiction for decades, and was frustrated with the lack of spiritual growth. Since attending that retreat, Paul has got rid of his addiction, and the tremendous congestion in his lungs from years of smoking has been completely cleared up. He felt phenomenal, and was often told that he didn't look his age.

His experience of Soul Travel in higher dimensions during the retreat with Grandmaster Qinyin was so profound and still fresh a year later that he decided to ask an artist to recreate his heavenly journey in a large 8 ft by 10 ft oil painting (see above picture) so that he could get it out of his head.

Full Interview Text & Videos

Paul can be contacted at dahnworldhealer@yahoo.com or (928)301-4150. He will be happy to answer your questions and help you understand what is the "Special Ability Rejuvenation Retreat." Qinway and the Three Higer Being Systems appreciate his great virtue.

3. August 9-12, 2007 Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat: Special Report

Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat is a super advanced "human body science" program, which is a classic Qinway program only offered very limited annually to guarantee individual instructions and great results for students. Since the January 2007 Retreat, we are glad to report that the August 9-12, 2007 Special Ability Rejuvenation 3.2D Retreat was a great successful!

Eight students came from California, Hawaii and Mexico. The oldest student is 81, while the youngest is only 8. Everyone connected very well to universal energy during the 72-hour Retreat intensive, which consists of three parts.

(1) Fundamental Healing Retreat:

All students achieved the advanced state of "too much filled with Qi to eat" through the Technical Procedure of Energy Infusion and Detoxification (see above Chart). At the end of the day, when Grandmaster Qinyin asked each student, "Are you hungry?" Everybody said aloud, "No!"

(2) Special Ability Retreat:

Growing finger instantly, remote diagnosis, openning third eye, communication with trees and Ocean spirit, special ability healing techniques and more...

(3) 3.2-Dimension Retreat:

Grandmaster Qinyin helped each student connect with the high-energy field of the three Higher Being Systems, including Soul Travel, Invisible Crown Infusion, Universal Gift from Wuji Dimension, and more...

After deeply understanding the principle of Bigu Supplies with strong energy signals and Grandmaster Qinyin's remote support, four students committed themselves to do 108 day bigu (energized fast) to have a big change in their body, mind and spirit!

Grandmaster Initiated Students
for Communication with Tree Spirits
Students Gladly Held Invisible Wuji Needles
at Their Hands as They Graduated from Retreat!

Below are some sample feedbacks from these new retreat students:

* (Communicating with trees) Yes, my hands felt tingly. All three trees – mostly they wanted to know what I’m doing here. The first tree was very friendly and gentle. The 2nd tree was stern and didn't want to be bothered. (Crown Infusion)Very relaxed, deep meditative state. Saw a pond with very stilled water, very clear water. (Invisible Wuji Needle) Felt needles on hand, like movement, not sharp but like something pushing. - D. M. (Riverside, CA)

* Impressed with all the information received...
(Soul Travel) Was in a rain forest, experienced 2 storms, one was a lightning & thunderstorm, the other was a heavy rainstorm. Seen the master levitating...(Remote Diagnosis) Felt hot & perspiring. Felt my heart jerk a few times. Read Vicky and Cherlin’s palms correctly. - G. K. (Honolulu, HI)

* I experienced an emotional clearing today and suddenly I felt clear again, joyful and like laughing a lot. Very pleasant experience. I also felt connection to Higher Beings and felt happiness accompanying that. (Crown Infustion) I felt as if energy was being 'blasted' into those areas of my body where my palms were.- C. S. (Arcadia, CA)

* I felt the cleansing of my organs, my body & my 3rd eye. During Soul Travel – I saw the color of peach clouds, then I hovered for a while there. Then I went under a waterfall into a cave – it was large and colorful. Many robed monks lined up next to a fire pit. I did not see a fire. They appeared ready to vote or something...I felt much more cleansed, & purified as compared to the first retreat. - P. F. (Pismo Beach, CA)

* I think I did experience some of the Marrow Washing. At random times, I could feel something underneath my skin involuntarily 'pop up', like boiling water bubbling or something. Also, when I closed and relaxed my mouth, the upper section of my teeth/mouth kept on moving, moving down. As for developing 3rd eye, I did feel and did 'sense'/'see' some light around/above my forehead area. It sounded like something big was exploding…(Invisible Crown Infusion) I think I did feel something on the top of my head. It felt like light, like white light and my head (top) kind of felt 'cool'. - J. C. (Daly City, CA)

* (Crown Infusion) I saw many lights and felt a lot energy...(Invisible Wuji Needle) I could feel the needle in my right hand. - G. M. (Mexico)

* (Invisible Wuji Needle) Yes!!!!!! (What impressed me the most during the Retreat) My fingers grew. - C. X. (8-year-old, Dublin, CA)

* (Third Eye) Felt very hot, and a flash of white light in my third eye...(Tree Communication) I communicated with all three trees. The first tree felt hot, the second three felt cooler, and the third tree was very happy. (Ocean Communication) Felt vibrations in my fingers. - V. B. (Dublin, CA)


4. More Inspiring News

* When did the post office tell you the "energized dates" could arrive at my P.O. Box? I would never thought bigu supplies were so powerful. I'm feeling really sick without them. - G. M. (Mexico)

* I want to tell you that the Yin Yang Healing Tea is amazing. After I called you about my daughter's skin rash last night, she drank 2 cups of Healing Tea and I also applied the tea on her body 5 times at 8:50pm. I started Qigong music and praciticed for a while. She was calmed down and reading. Then all her skin rash dissapeared at 9:30pm. Wow, Yin-Yang tea is very powerful. - V. B. (Dublin, CA)

* My father has told me he joined your first Qigong retreat in San Jose back in 1997 and very successfully cured his back problem. He recommended me to attend your retreat, since I have a female problem for more than 10 years, besides sleeping problem and overweight...
I will definitely want to give a try. - S. H. (Boston)

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