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During the one hour in-depth Individual Consultation,

Grandmaster Qinyin will work with you individually to,

* See your aura and biological Qi field;

* Scan your internal organs to detect blockages;

* Sense the Yin-Yang balance and acid-alkaline balance in your body;

* Check your spiritual signals;

* Analyze the root causes of your health problems;

* Transfer universal guidance to you;

Based upon these deep body/mind/spirit information, Grandmaster Qinyin will give you a comprehensive evaluation of your health, pragmatic advices and healing plans. This one hour consultation with grandmaster Qinyin may change your life entirely!

Please e-mail to 930@qinway.org or call (808)255-7033 for an appointment now to get a road map for the development of your physical and spiritual bodies.

uring the 45-minute powerful Individual Healing,

Grandmaster Qinyin will channel universal high energy to your body to dissolve blockages, push toxins out, adjust your biological field, and strengthen your vital Qi.

Value Package

$295 for both Individual Consultation and Individual Healing as a fundamental first time setup after a big discount.

Individual Consultation & Individual Healing: $195 & $160 respectively (temporarily not available as a separate session).

How to Register

Please fill out a detailed Consultation & Healing Form in advance (Word file, or PDF file), and send it with payment by e-mail, fax or mail to addresses indicated on the Consultation Form. We accept cash,check, money order, Visa and MasterCard.

Refund Policy

To qualify for a refund, please notify us 72 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule the appointment. Thank you!

Great Info for Your Attention

(1) For best results, you are encouraged to read as much info on this energized website before the individual session.

(2) The above consultation contents may be modified to suit the individual's needs and spiritual signals.

(3) For your first visit, you shall take "Individual Consultation" and "Individual Healing" together as a fundamental setup (Due to Grandmaster Qinyin's time limitation, "Individual Consultation" and "Individual Healing" are temporarily not available as separate sessions).

(4) Future "Individual Healing" is available at $160 for 45 minutes. You are recommended to do three sessions in a row as a healing cycle.

(5) Appointments must be scheduled at least three days in advance, and may be available on both weekdays and weekends. You are encouraged to check our Upcoming Events to avoid conflicting with our other programs.

(6) Upon receiving your Consultation & Healing Form and payment, we will contact you promptly to set up a consultation schedule.

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