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Qigong Comment

Qigong CommentQigong Comment Qigong Comment

Qigong Comment


Dr. George: After retreat, my prostate cancer is gone. This is a real fundamental healing system.


Scientist, Richard: I have verified instantly made finger aura much brighter.


MD. Steve: My friends said I looked 20 years younger, & I feel so too. I highly recommend Qinway.
Qigong Retreat

Rejuvenation Technique Rejuvenation Technique
"Doctor said
I don't need
surgery any

Special AbilitySpecial Ability Retreat
"Suddenly I
can heal and
diagnose with
99% accuracy!"

Qigong ConnectionRejuvenation Retreat
"I got invisible
needles from
the Wuji

Qigong CertificationQigong Certification
"Now I can teach magnetic Qigong
to my mom!"

3.1D to EnlightenmentSoul Travel
"I could never
forget my deep
experience of
Soul Travel."

Fundamental Healing . Rejuvenation
Secret Retreat Series
SifuPractice Qin
Step from 3.1D (D: Dimension) Immortal Bigu Technique


News! The Ancient Bigu Healing &
Special Abilities & Magnetic 3.2D Retreat is Selectable with Low Price Extra Reward! Great Results Guaranteed! Limited Size ...


The Classic Special Ability &
Magnetic " 3 in 1" Retreat Successfully
Finished with Many Miracle True report.


Huge Discount to Celebrate
Labor Day! Buy 1 Get 1 Free with an Energized Gift.


See 930 Annual Free Remote
Healing. Great Feedback Many People Received Strong Energy Healing Signals.

Tri-angle Tri-angle
Special Abilities . Enlightenment

Qigong Healing

930 means at 9:30 pm of Sept 30, Grandmaster sends karma people who registered the 930 event with remote healing signal support;

Why need to use energized products with remote healing?

Grandmaster infused the universal signal in the Unique products to carry to help people get easy connection through drinking and eating.

The energized products are unique and will uplift your body energy read more previous 930 feedback with amazing report....

Qigong Predict
She knows the Future & Past
She said in 50-100 Yr
Qigong Prediction

Qigong Energy

Healing DVDHealing DVD
Self study DVD Kit for an easy-to-follow, highly effective Qigong & benefit you from Day 1;Read More

Healing Tea
yingyangTeaGet a mouthful of tasty universal energy, and miracle yin yang healing happens!

Healing Food
Immortal Mushroom"Immortal Mushroom"
Collects universal energy essence underground for years. Infused with universal high energy by Grandmaster.

Fengshui Object
fenshui objectEnergized & great for the car & house protection. This is a powerful tool for spiritual connection.

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*We are sharing with you a health enhancement method, we are not giving you medical advice. The Qigong instructions and services presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling or treatment. the Retreat results are guaranteed as long as you follow Grandmaster's instruction & homework.

*Any order does not from Qinway website (like product page or retreat page) directly, but from other resources to access into shopping cart, if the service or products does not exist any more, Qinway will not be responsible for refund. Other products with same value can be replaced by customer.

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